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Denver Broncos Week 2 Power Rankings Around the Web

The Broncos are starting out the season as a top five team according to the majority of NFL Power Rankings.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our weekly look at how the Denver Broncos place around the web in NFL power rankings.

It's way too early to give any of these power rankings much attention, but that's of course not going to stop us from talking about them.


The Broncos are 1-0, but there's cause for concern. Peyton Manning's last four games (including playoffs): 59.3 completion percentage, three TDs, five INTs and a 32.2 Total QBR.

Thoughts: The Broncos behind the Patriots, Packers, and Seahawks? That sounds pretty reasonable right now. OK, maybe not the Seahawks part.

Mile High Report: 3

As for the Broncos defense. Can you say, Orange Crush? Practice it, because you are going to use that work a lot in 2015.

Thoughts: It's hard to argue with Tim Lynch. Especially since it's Week 2 and everyone is just making this stuff up, right? 9

Manning certainly struggled in front of the home folks Sunday, although we should point out that the Ravens' defense is no pushover. Still, if there was any question before, it's clear now that the strength of this Broncos team absolutely resides on the defensive side of the ball.

Thoughts: 9th? Now wait just a second there I like you have the Packers on top - that seems like a good call. But the Broncos beat the Ravens with a completely flat offense. The Chiefs beat the Texans and the Bengals beat the Raiders and they are higher on the list? This list is an easy one to ignore this week.

SB Nation: 3

The Denver Broncos put together a dominating defensive performance that overcame a lackluster day on Peyton Manning's part, riding that win to the No. 3 spot.

Thoughts: SB Nation has the top three as the Patriots, Packers, and Broncos. Just like Tim Lynch. Conspiracy?

CBS Sports: 6

The defense impressed in a big way against the Ravens, but the offense was bad. Now they have a tough road test at Kansas City.

Thoughts: Tell us something we don't know already CBS Sports. CBS has the Broncos behind the Packers, Patriots, Cowboys, Cardinals, and Bengals. At least they have the Broncos one slot ahead of the Chiefs.

Fox Sports: 3

Before we write Peyton Manning off, let’s give him some time to gel with his new offensive linemen in a new blocking scheme. The Broncos’ defense looked like one of the NFL’s elite units in Week 1. They created consistent pressure against a strong pass-protecting unit and shut down the run game.

Thoughts: Fox Sports has the Broncos behind the Patriots and the Packers. If the Broncos are in a similar position next week I'll be quite happy about that.

Peter King: 1

Can you imagine if, after throwing 125 touchdown passes his first three seasons in Denver, Manning becomes a complementary player and not the dominant one on his team? He just might be, as long as DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller hit the quarterback eight times, as they did against Flacco on Sunday.

Thoughts: Hmmmmm. Either King is brilliant (let's go with that) or he is setting up Broncos Country with a mean trick. The Broncos D was amazing against the Ravens, but an offense that can't seem to get a touchdown doesn't seem like a reasonable number one pick to me.

Final Thoughts: A win is a win. Even if it's a shaky, heart pounding, nail biting win. If the Broncos had come away from Week 1 with a loss all of these numbers would no doubt have tumbled significantly. Probably into the teens. The Broncos have a tough division road game on Thursday. If things don't go the Broncos way they have a mini-bye to regroup. We probably won't have a good feel for this season's Broncos team until Week 4 or 5.