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Broncos enter the 'echo chamber' to prepare for Chiefs

We hear it gets loud in Arrowhead Stadium, so Gary Kubiak is taking a unique approach to practice this week.

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Here are three things we learned from Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive with Eric Goodman and Zach Foggs Tuesday afternoon. Give their segments a listen at the bottom of the post!

Gary Kubiak, mad scientist

See that brand-spanking-new practice facility the Broncos built a year ago? It isn't just being used to shelter the Broncos from unpleasant weather. It's doubling as an "echo chamber," Fogg relayed, based on Gary Kubiak's comments Tuesday.

"We're going to make it as loud as we can," Kubiak said of practice Tuesday, "and it gets very loud in there. So it'll be good work for us."

Goodman talked about how the Broncos have a rookie left tackle and center in that crowd - Arrowhead will be fired up for their home opener, so getting Matt Paradis and Ty Sambrailo plenty of reps in a loud environment will be critical to the Broncos' chances of winning on Thursday.

Run the football

Zach Fogg goes off on the (lack of) pass-rush balance, and it was an excellent few minutes of radio.

"The run/pass split against Baltimore was 38 to 14 before that final drive the Broncos executed - the 10-minute drive in which they ran the ball 11 times and threw it six times," Fogg began. "It's possible that those run/pass splits look a little bit different against Kansas City. I think the more you run the ball, the more confident your offensive line's going to get."

That was the first time they ran the ball three times in a row the entire game

"That (final drive) was the first time they ran the ball three times in a row the entire game. It was the first time they did it the entire stinking game. Hell, I can only remember one or two times before that they ran the ball twice in a row. I remember early in the game, there was a drive, Ronnie Hillman got a nice run and it was about 2nd and 2. Peyton Manning lines up in the shotgun with an empty backfield, takes a sack, and all of a sudden it's 3rd and 5. There's no reason not to just run the ball in that situation. They were, for whatever reason, committed to showing that they can still huck the ball around. And it wasn't until they really needed something long, sustaining, and resulting in points that they ran the ball twice in a row or three times in a row, and man, look what type of rhythm they were able to get into."

A lot of Broncos fans were calling out the lack of balance in our live blog and on Twitter throughout the game. The Broncos may have gotten the message in that final drive, but it was very nearly too late. Hopefully Peyton and company find better balance against Kansas City.

Louis Vasquez on the offense's struggles

"It's always frustrating. But like Peyton said, we're a work in progress," Vasquez said. "Everybody's going to jump to conclusions after the first game. That's what people do. ... It's not just one guy, it's the whole offense who ought to feel frustrated."


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