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Broncos Chiefs predictions: Is Kansas City truly the favorite to win?

SB Nation has an interactive widget to allow you and the rest of Broncos Country to predict the final score of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. Do you have the right prediction?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Thankfully. the game is almost upon us as Mile High Report has had to suffer through the endless jawing of the regular season Chieftain. If only the Super Bowl were decided on September 17th and not in early February. Alas, its 2015 not 1970, so the Chiefs must get their licks in while they can.

It's the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. Arrowhead normally is a tough place to play, but since Peyton Manning came to town its been a walk in the park snagging victories on their home turf. Will that streak continue?

Broncos 34, Chiefs 19 - Tim Lynch

You may think this is optimistic, but it could be more realistic based on how both teams played last weekend. Manning may have some passing options available, since Marcus Peters was torched for 122 yards and two touchdowns against the Texans, while the Chiefs offense put up 17 of their 27 points on short fields produced by turnovers. There are opportunities against the Chiefs defense that Manning can exploit. That is, if Manning isn't entirely defunct as a quarterback.

Meanwhile, the Broncos have T.J. Ward returning to the lineup and are coming off one of the most impressive defensive games I've seen from the Broncos in quite some time. I just don't see how the Chiefs will put up more than 20 points. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and provide them with four field goals, but if the Broncos defense plays like they did on Sunday there is no way the Chiefs score more than 10 points offensively.

Next up is Kyle and Kyle's prediction is utterly disgusting. I always suspected he was a closet Chiefs fan. Please make him pay in the comments section.

Chiefs 15, Broncos 10 - Kyle Montgomery

This game feels like a perfect storm against the Broncos, and I'm actually predicting they lose this game. It's a short week on the road, and the Broncos haven't had enough time to address the issues they may have uncovered in Week 1. The Chiefs are a tough, balanced team. It's their home opener, on a Thursday night, and it's warm enough where you know those Kansas City folk will be out BBQ'ing starting at 3 in the afternoon. That crowd will be crazy. The Chiefs can smell blood in the water of Peyton Manning's recent struggles, and the Broncos have an inexperienced offensive line that won't be able to hear a thing Peyton is cadence-ing at Arrowhead. While I hope I'm wrong - I hope a million times I'm wrong.

Everyone gets a trophy - Ian Henson

The Denver Broncos are one divisional game win away from setting an all time record in divisional away game wins, Peyton Manning has never scored less than 33 points in a game following a week in which his team won without scoring an offensive touchdown, oh and the Kansas City Chiefs have beat Manning a grand total of once in their entire history. Let's use logic and say, "What is the most likely thing to happen?" Oh and Kansas City is loud? So is every house with a Chiefs fan on Thursday. Fortunately/unfortunately whether fans are screaming at home or in the stadium it will be equally arbitrary- ​Ian Henson no longer predicts, he just gives concern.

Broncos 17, Chiefs 10 - Kelly Fleming

Thursday’s matchup is one of the 16 games this week proving to be about 50/50 chances. Last week the Chiefs showed a lot of strength on offense, particularly with Travis Kelce having a big game against a struggling Texans secondary. The Broncos dominated the league by a long shot on defense against the Ravens, who arguably have a stronger offense than the Chiefs. On the other hand, the Broncos offense struggled to produce, and everyone is panicking about Manning being too old. In 2012 the Broncos started the season 1-2. In their second game, in prime time against the Atlanta Falcons, Manning threw three interceptions in the first quarter and finished the game with a QBR of 58. He looked awful. He wasn’t comfortable in Mike McCoy’s offense yet, and he didn’t trust the offensive line, but his arm strength was fine, and the Broncos finished 13-3 that season.

My point is, Manning is still getting in his groove with Kubiak and Dennison’s coaching style and the new offensive line. His arm looked strong last week. The Chiefs will probably take advantage of this, and the offense might still sputter a bit. It’s a good thing our defense will bail us out against a Chiefs offense that I don’t find to be as impressive as most experts.

Broncos 13, Chiefs 10 - Amy Richau

This game could go either way, and if I was putting money on it I would probably take the Chiefs. But I don't have money on it, so I'm going to with my heart. Each team will get a single touchdown after a wide receiver catches a pass in the end zone (imagine that!) and both team's fans will breathe a sigh of relief. Even if the Chiefs come away with a victory, I refuse to freak out about a loss on a Thursday night.

Broncos 31, Chiefs 24 - Sadaraine

Thursday's game is going to be big. It is our main competition in the division (if you want to call them competition...). Until we drop one to KC, I don't see us losing to them. Our team is too good. Peyton can even keep going through his growing pains and will likely win due to the impressive Denver Defense and the limited Kansas City offense. I do think there's a good chance this game will be close.

Broncos 24, Chiefs 6 - Scotty Payne

This game is going to resemble Sunday's game. Both defenses will be dominant, and whoever wins the turnover game will win the game. My gut tells me that Peyton will continue his sucky/turnover happy ways and we will lose this game. My heart tells me he will throw 3 touchdowns and C.J. will run all over that defense again.

Broncos 17, Chiefs 14 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

I'm not going to lie that this game worries me, but I can't find it in my Orange-And-Blue heart to turn on the Broncos like our fearless leader (what kind of confidence is that, Kyle??) Plus I really do believe in that D. Wade Phillips and his boys will have their work cut out for them with Travis Kelce and Jamaal Charles, but I still see a good contest. And I just can't imagine our offense will be as bad as it was last week, even with the Arrowhead noise. So I'm giving the Broncos a slight edge (just because I can) and going 17-14. Orange Crush rules the day again.

Your turn Broncos Country. Give us your score predictions!