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Week 2 Thursday Night Picks: Broncos vs Chiefs

Here's the plan. Each week, I predict every NFL game. Thursday's will be for Thursday Night Football, and Saturday will be for the rest. Then each Tuesday, I will explain why I was the smartest person in the room and completely ignore the picks I got wrong, per main stream media procedure. Sound good? Good. Lets get to it!

What happens when it's gameday and it's the Broncos versus Chiefs? Allow me to tell you a story.

Our friends (pictured) live in Kansas City. They are die hard Broncos fans. They go to a private school which means they have school uniforms. Well, for today's game, the school is allowing students to ditch their school uniforms to wear Chiefs gear. Needless to say, they are refusing and taking the rivalry to a whole new level. Odds on them getting sent home by butt hurt Chiefs fans who know that they'll lose tonight? I put it at 2:1

Now onto my picks.

What we saw from Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense last week was underwhelming to say the least. However, it should be noted that 70% of the snaps were taken out of shotgun. So let me ask you this... was this really Kubiak's offense or was it Peyton's offense? For all the hullabaloo surrounding how Manning will fit in this new offense, we sure did see a lot of shotgun like usual, and with the same net results (paltry at best) that we saw last year. I think Peyton is telling the truth when he says "It's a work in progress."

Now, before anyone says anything, let me tell you what I expect from this team. I expect them to start a lot like they did in 2012 when Peyton first came here. He started a bit rough. He wasn't as flashy in the stats department as he use to be. But that was early on. After a handful of games, he got comfy and caught fire. That is what I'm expecting out of him and this offense this season. I'm expecting sluggish performances for the first handful of weeks, and then, look out!

But that's simply the offense. The defense is legit, just like in 2012. Interesting how many correlations we can start drawing. In 2012, the defense was spectacular. They were a top 2 unit. I see this defense as being no different, except that they are Numero Uno in the NFL.

With our ridiculous defense, anchored by Von Miller, Demarcus Ware, Chris Harris Jr., Aquib Talib, and T.J. Ward, they will rain down destruction on Alex Smith and the Chiefs.

Where is Smith going to run? Where is he going to pass? Hell, where is he going to hide? Because there is no hiding from Von Miller and the boys!

Sure, they play in Kansas City, and if you want to draw parallels with 2012, then you'll point out that Manning struggled on the road mightily. But I must warn you, that it was because Manning wasn't ready to play on the road because of his still recovering neck. Those issues have long since been put to bed.

I see no reason why this game won't be a Broncos victory. But I also see no reason why this won't be a nail biting game just like we saw against the Ravens.

Remember though, if the Broncos can beat the Ravens, they can beat the Chiefs. The Ravens have a better offense and defense. Joe Flacco is better than Alex Smith, and the Broncos only gave up 6 points to the Ravens! So what do I think the damage will be tonight?

Prediction: Broncos 27, Chiefs 19

Sorry KC fans. But your usual early season super bowl aspirations will take it's first of many major blows tonight.

What says you Broncos Country? How many points will the Broncos score? How few will the defense give up? Sound off in the comments below.