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Peyton Manning joins 70,000 yard club, closes in on Brett Favre's record

Peyton 'Record-breaking' Manning does it again.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As the long, illustrious career of Peyton Manning winds down to its inevitable end, he will continue to break records few thought would ever be broken. Now less than 1850 yards from Brett Favre's record 71,838, Manning becomes the second quarterback in NFL history to surpass 70,000 yards passing in a career. A monumental feat even today's pass-happy league.

Most of those yards came with the Indianapolis Colts from 1998-2011, but his production with the Denver Broncos is also something not to balk at. Though he has been with the Broncos for just over three seasons now (about 18% of his career), he has accumulated 21.3% of his completions, 20.7% of his attempts, 21.5% of his yards, 24.7% of his touchdown passes and just 15.7% of his interceptions while wearing that Broncos uniform.

Indianapolis Colts 14 4682 7210 54,828 399 198
Denver Broncos 3+ 1269 1879 15,038 131 37

That's quite a mark on this franchise. He may go into the Hall of Fame as a Colt, but he will have accomplished quite a bit with his tenure as John Elway's "Plan A" for these last few years. Hopefully, for all of us, the Broncos can find a way to send Manning off into the sunset with another Super Bowl ring. It would be the ultimate parting gift for the last 4 years of greatness with the Broncos.

If not, there's always this to look back upon with fondness.