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Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders could be bringing you season tickets

Seriously. One lucky Broncos fan could get a personal visit from the happiest wide receiver in the NFL, and he'll be bringing a pair of season tickets with him.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So who wants Denver Broncos season tickets, hand-delivered by Emmanuel Sanders to you at your office next Wednesday, Sept. 8?

Thought so.

All you have to do is be on Instagram and know how to post a selfie.

By tomorrow.

So whatever you may think of social media and selfies, remind yourself ...

Season Tickets. Delivered by Emmanuel Sanders.

Also, you do have to work in Denver. This obviously sucks for me, but it won't keep me from pimping my selfies to Sanders anyway.

It would also be super cool if an MHR member were the fan being rewarded next week, so get to Instagram right now, post your selfie in Broncos gear at your office, include #FastDash in the comment and tag @emmanuelsanders.

Deadline for this first challenge is midnight Sept. 4, so if you weren't wearing your Broncos gear to the office today (what?why not????), then you can plan for it tomorrow. Check it here for all the rules on this challenge that will extend four straight weeks beginning Sept. 15.

Get your Broncos gear on. Snap a selfie at the office. Post to Instagram, include #FastDash and tag @emmanuelsanders. Then wait for 'He-manuel' to show up at your office (hopefully).

This is all part of the #FastDash campaign Sanders is doing with Century Link Colorado to promote its super high speed Internet services. And who better to do that than our own lightning-fast super hero Pro-Bowler He-manuel Sanders?

The campaign highlights a mission to find Denver's fastest football fans through a series of weekly social media challenges. Using the hashtag #FastDash, our smiling wide receiver will be posting weekly challenges on Instagram in which fans will need to be fast and creative for a chance to win.

And in case you already forgot what you could win...

Season Tickets. Delivered by Emmanuel Sanders. (oh, and his autograph too!)

CenturyLink's continued expansion of Internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) in select Denver areas is making it easier and faster than ever for Broncos fans to follow their favorite team.  This is awesome, for example, in case your fantasy football players are matched up against the Broncos and you need to bench them fast!

"Emmanuel Sanders is a fan favorite, and we're excited to have him help promote our 1 gigabit broadband service as well as build momentum for the upcoming Broncos season," said Rich Karlis, director of sponsorships for CenturyLink.

But really, your main motivation for this is what again?

Season Tickets. Delivered by Emmanuel Sanders.

Go. Now. Fast.

Wait, make that #FastDash.