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MHR helped Broncos fans win free copies of Madden NFL 16

Just over a week ago, we told readers about an Uber giveaway that featured free copies of Madden NFL 16 and a grand prize of an XBOX One and visit from former Broncos receiver Ed McCaffrey.

Within minutes, a few Twitter followers and MHR readers responded that they had won a free game, and reader Kevin Doran commented that he had won the grand prize.

"I found about the giveaway from your Mile High Report article — actually my coworker Tyler Stapp saw the link on Twitter and sent it over to me," Kevin said. We both tried to request rides with the MaddenCO promo code, he tried about five times and wasn't able to get one. My first try went through and it said an Uber was on its way with a driver named Matthew driving a Black Escalade.

"A few minutes later Matthew called me to confirm that I meant to order the Madden Uber, and I guess he let it slip which Madden Uber he was because he said "we're on our way," so I thought it may be the Eddie Mac car since other Ubers are just the driver, but tried not to get too excited."

Kevin's hunch was right, as McCaffrey showed up at Kevin's job, Code, a web staffing company, moments later.

"I was outside my office with some co-workers when they pulled up, and Ed got out and asked who was Kevin and handed me the Xbox. He asked if I was a Broncos fan and was glad to hear I am and not a lowly Raiders fan.

"He was awesome! He hung out for probably about 20 minutes, took pictures with us and played bags. He played with a couple of dogs we have in this office . . . really nice guy, it didn't seem like he was a celebrity forced to do a PR event. He hung out until the Uber driver said they had to get going."

Kevin did not own an XBOX One when he entered the giveaway, so he was planning to give the game to a friend or buy a new console if he won the game.

"It was a really cool thing I still can't believe happened. Eddie Mac was my second favorite player growing up behind only No. 7 and it still doesn't feel real to have gotten to hang out with him.

"And the new Madden is awesome — it almost looks like the real thing.

"Thanks to MHR, Uber and Eddie Mac for a great day!"