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Live Blog - Week 2 NFL Early Games Thread

Who do you got this morning? I went with the Bills (please let it happen), Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, Titans, Lions, Saints, Giants, Steelers and Rams.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

My risky plays paid off big last week as I finished with a 12-4 straight up pick'em record. What am I going to do with that incredible start to the season? Throw it away by playing it risky again in Week 2. The second I picked the Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots I knew I made a mistake, but I'm going to let it ride!

The other picks I'm not so sure about is me picking the St. Louis Rams over the Washington Redskins as I'm not so sure the Rams didn't give everything they had in last week's emotional win. I also went with the New York Giants over the Atlanta Falcons, because I still feel like the Giants are going to be a good football team this year and Matt Ryan has shown to struggle on the road. We'll see if I'm right about that. The last toss-up game for me would be the Cincinnati Bengals and San Diego Chargers, because who knows what Chargers team or what Bengals team will show up on any given week.

The rest of the picks feel fairly safe. Even if I lose, I'll probably lose with everyone else. The most interesting game is going to be that Bills-Patriots matchup, but I'll also be paying close attention to the Chargers and Bengals as that game may have playoff and division implications this season.

Who are you rooting for in these early games?