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Horse Tracks: Broncos fans enjoy the win on football Sunday

A Thursday night game so early in the season takes some getting used to. Sunday felt a little empty without Broncos football to watch. It's not so bad knowing that Denver stunned the Kansas City Chiefs to pick up an important AFC West.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It is strange not having Broncos football to look forward to on Sunday in week two. The season is just getting started and to have to sit on the sidelines, so to speak, while everyone else is playing was tough for me. Sure, playing Sunday and Monday night football kind of has the same effect, but at least the recap shows still talk about you. When you play Thursday, you're kind of an afterthought when Sunday rolls around. I guess that can also be a good thing, if you're a Kansas City Chiefs fan.


"There is no luck. There is just preparation meeting opportunity."

Former Broncos PR guru, Jim Saccomano, channeled former defensive coordinator Joe Collier with the above quote in his weekly feature on the Denver Broncos website. Beating the Chiefs wasn't luck, I agree. We needed a ton of help from Jamaal Charles, too. Sundays with Sacco: Balancing euphoria

You can't help but think there's some ideological tug-of-war going on with the offensive gameplan. When Manning is under center and moving around in the pocket, it just looks ugly. I am a firm believer in both Manning and Kubiak. There has to be some middle-ground the two can find to make this offense more productive. Resolving the line issues wouldn't hurt either. Peyton Manning, Gary Kubiak struggling to agree on offensive approach, per report -

Getting Evan Mathis was a great move for the Broncos, but I'm starting to think that other moves may need to be made to protect Manning. Regardless, if they can't get these issues resolved, there's pretty much no chance that Manning survives the season, much less to the bye. Peyton Manning taking punishment in pocket he hasn't seen in decade - AFC West - ESPN

The Detroit Free Press looks ahead to the Lions game next Sunday against the Broncos. Up next for Lions: Keeping powerful Broncos at bay a tall order

Broncos fan born during the Broncos game! Congrats to Marni and Josh Armijo on the birth of their new daughter! Denver Broncos fan gives birth to baby girl during game | WTTV CBS4Indy

What's wrong with people? I can't believe that some people are so damn stupid to ostracize a little kid over something as trivial as a Broncos dress. It's bad enough that that little girl has to tolerate a world populated by Seahawks fans. Hasn't she suffered enough? Student called out by teacher for wearing Broncos dress - 7News Boston WHDH-TV

After losing two straight, the Seahawks find themselves in a position they haven't enjoyed in some time. What to do about it? Complain. Seahawks say they recovered a fumble that refs gave to Packers | ProFootballTalk

Today we find out the full scope of Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's injury. I dislike the Cowboys a great deal, but I don't mind Tony Romo. It's awful to see anyone get hurt. Monday CT scan will provide more information about Romo’s absence | ProFootballTalk

Then there's Jay Cutler. Karma, Jay. Karma. Jay Cutler of Chicago Bears injured against Arizona Cardinals

How awful were the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday? During the offseason I compared the exodus of skill position players to what happened with Steve Spurrior when he took over the Redskins a little over a decade ago. I was wrong. It looks like the Eagles are going to be worse than those Redskins teams. Cowboys survive loss of Romo, hold off inept Eagles -

The New York Giants can't seem to keep it together for a full sixty minutes. They've blown double-digit leads in the first two games of the season. It could be a rough season for Peyton's little brother. Tom Coughlin "frustrated" by Eli Manning’s peformance through two weeks | ProFootballTalk

The injuries in Green Bay keep piling up. Packers' Eddie Lacy goes down with hurt ankle in win -

Up is down, left is right. It was bizarro world in the NFL Sunday when both the Jaguars and Raiders picked up wins. I'm just bummed I can't hit my Raiders-loving brother-in- law with the ol' knock, knock joke.

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Owen, who?

0-1, 0-2, 0-3...

Stunner in Oakland: Raiders top Ravens in shootout -

Bortles, Jaguars win battle of Florida on late field goal -