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Broncos grade a 'B-' so far, according to fans

The Denver Broncos are 2-0 but have room to improve.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

We asked fans to grade the Broncos after Week 1's win over the Ravens and after Week 2's upset of the Chiefs. Just shy of 4,000 votes were tallied. Time to dish out the report card.

The Denver Broncos have two rollercoaster wins under their belts. The defense is electrifying; the offense, not so much (although it has been exciting at times). The Broncos are a "perfect" 2-0, but the team's close calls have most fans hesitant to give them a perfect grade.

Week 1 - Broncos 19, Ravens 13

Most fans gave the Broncos a C following the Ravens game, likely due to Peyton Manning's apparent struggles (a pick-six with no touchdowns will cause some fan backlash for any starting NFL quarterback).

Broncos grade Week 1 Ravens

I'd give the Broncos a B for this game. The offensive line and Peyton need work, but special teams and defense more than carried the team to an above-average performance.

Week 2 - Broncos 31, Chiefs 24

Most fans gave the Broncos a B following the Chiefs game - they needed a last-minute miracle to get the win, but with five takeaways and a fourth quarter touchdown drive, this game featured a very good Broncos performance.

Broncos grade Week 2 Chiefs

I'd give the Broncos an A for this game. Any win in Arrowhead is an automatic 'A' in my book.


Calculating out the grades between the two weeks, the Broncos have a 2.67 GPA - equivalent to a B-. Let's see if they can continue to set the NFL curve by going 3-0 against the Detroit Lions this week.