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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web for Week 3

The power rankers have spoken, and the consensus puts the Broncos in the #3 spot behind the Patriots and Packers.

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Is it still too early for power rankings to mean anything? Yes. But here's some NFL power rankings from around the web anyway to brighten your day.

ESPN: 5 (last week 4)

The offense is struggling, averaging a league-worst 3.73 yards per play. The defense, on the other hand, is thriving, allowing the second-fewest yards per play (4.23).

Thoughts: ESPN has the Broncos behind the Patriots, Packers, Cardinals, and Steelers. #5 seems reasonable to me for the Broncos after two wins that could have easily been losses. Although I would have at least switched the Bengals (ranked 6) with the Steelers in this ranking.

Mile High Report: 3 (last week 3)

There are questions about the offense, but how good will this team be once Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning figure things out? After all, the offensive line will only get better as the season progresses.

Thoughts: Three still seems high to me. But since so many other power rankers placed the Broncos in the #3 slot, I will give Tim a pass this week for being overly optimistic :) 5 (last week 9)

Peyton Manning answered a few questions Thursday night -- or did he? While that 10-play drive in the fourth quarter was an absolute gem, so many Manning ducks could have gone the other way.

Thoughts: moved the Broncos up 4 spaces while not saying anything very positive about the Broncos team. There were so many big moves up and down in the rankings this week (Look! The Jets are amazing +11, OMG the Seahawks are horrible -8) it's hard to take them very seriously right now. In their defense, it's hard to not knee jerk a bit during the first few weeks of a new season in your power rankings.

SB Nation: 3 (last week 3)

The best news for the Broncos was that Peyton Manning looked better throwing the ball this week, finishing 26 of 45 for 256 yards, three touchdowns and a pick. There are still concerns about his arm going forward, but he allayed a few of those fears for the short term.

Thoughts: The best part of the Broncos Week 2 game was seeing a bit of the "old" Peyton Manning driving the ball down the field, rather than the "old" Peyton Manning, who just looks . . . well . . . old.

CBS Sports: 6 (last week 6)

At some point, they have to set Peyton Manning free. Let him play fast. The defense can be downright nasty.

Thoughts: First 'free Brady' and now 'free Manning'? Hmmmmm . . . The nasty part I happily agree with.

Fox Sports: 3 (last week 3)

Denver’s defense is on its way to earning the title as the NFL’s elite unit in 2015 -- at least until Kam Chancellor returns for Seattle. The offensive line hasn’t gelled yet, but Peyton Manning looked more like himself in the shotgun and hurry-up offense in Week 2.

Thoughts: The Denver defense is without question the reason the Broncos are ranked so high on so many lists. And what's not to like? Unless you think sacks, interceptions, and forced fumbles are overrated. In which case you might also be named Jack Del Rio.

Peter King: 3 (last week 1)

Yes, the Broncos won a thriller at Arrowhead by scoring 14 points in the final minutes, a game they had no business winning. And yes, I had them No. 1 last week, and how can a team win a very hard road game and be unbeaten and drop two spots in such a prestigious ranking as this one? Well, it’s early, and I try to not lock myself into a ranking if I think the ability of that team merits a different place in these standings. Frankly, Peyton Manning worries me. But really, we don’t know much after two weeks. Too early.

Thoughts: That trickster Peter King came back down from the clouds and put the Broncos behind the Patriots and Packers. Like many Broncos fans (me included) he has concerns about Manning, but isn't willing to count him out yet.

PFF: 3 (last week 1)

The Broncos have 13 defensive players with 60 or more snaps this season. All 60 of them have an above average grade through two games.

Thoughts: The depth of the Broncos defense is ridiculous. If someone starts selling an "I (heart) Wade Phillips" t-shirt I might just buy one.