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Horse Tracks: Perspective on the Broncos offense

MHR's Christopher Hart and our friends over at The Sports Quotient give their arguments in regard to the Denver Broncos offensive struggles and highlight several themes that are a cause for concern moving forward.

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Happy Wednesday, Broncos Country!

As we approach this weekend's prime time Sunday Night Football match-up against the Detroit Lions, most of the discourse surrounding Denver has been in regard to their offensive struggles in the first two games of the season.

Fellow writer Tim Lynch wrote a piece yesterday that highlighted some of the positives he has seen. The piece discussed several positives to take away from the Broncos offensive production this far. Time of possession, plays called and the team ranking 11th in points per game were factored into his analysis. It also mentioned that it has been hard for the Broncos to accumulate many yards offensively because the defense has given them short fields to work with.

I appreciate Tim's insight, but disagree with him on this one. In my opinion, a wealth of plays being called and time of possession does not matter that much in the grand scheme of things, especially when those figures are skewed. The two game tying drives (a total of 28 plays) at the end of the Ravens and Chiefs games accounted for 1/5 of the total offensive snaps the Broncos have recorded this season.  While both drives were integral for the Broncos ability to win in both games, it is hard to justify the "good" in the Broncos offense, especially when with the numerous three-and-outs, as well as failing to put points on the board or settling for field goals when scoring six is the desired reality.

Perhaps what may even be more noteworthy is that the Broncos #11 overall ranking in scoring listed in that article includes the two defensive touchdowns the Broncos have scored from Aqib Talib's interception return and Bradley Roby's fumble recovery. If you take out the those scores to adjust properly for sole offensive production, the Broncos points per game average drops down from 25 to 18, which is in the bottom quarter of the NFL. That is a huge disparity to acknowledge. The defense may be good enough to get us to ten wins with that poor of offensive production, but the odds of Denver going far in the playoffs with that sort of output are marginal at best.

In order for the efficacy of the Broncos offense to improve, I agree with a recent take our friends at The Sports Quotient delivered: the running game has to be established and the offensive line needs to do a better job of protecting Peyton Manning. If that doesn't happen — it won't bode well for the Broncos when the games matter the most. Denver can't rely on the arm of Peyton Manning and the 30+ percent gap between pass plays and run plays will have to decrease significantly in order to have an efficient and balanced offense.

The greatest concern for me offensively, is Denver's inability to adjust for the significant amount of blitzes opposing defenses are throwing our way.  In particular, A-gap blitzes that are coming right up the middle of our offensive line.  It is disrupting our passing game and also having a significantly adverse impact on our run game. I expect big improvements in that area this coming weekend when the Broncos face the Lions in Detroit.

All and all, though I disagree with Tim's discourse in a prior article, we both agree that the Broncos offense will get on track eventually and soon enough, the usual production we have seen in the Peyton Manning era on that side of the ball will occur. Once again, thanks for reading and be sure to check out the articles below for your Wednesday morning dose of all things Broncos and the NFL.

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