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Old out, new in as your fantasy season really begins

Do you want to shore up your fantasy bench with guys that you can actually play? Want 20 points from a guy that is available right now in your league? This is your place.

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There is something brewing in the winds in Denver and maybe not where you think. It's in the backfield and happening between C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman. The Broncos backfield has been nothing to throw cash down on just yet, but if you look at the first two weeks, one running back is clearly doing better than the other and it's Hillman.

Broncos Players:

Anderson averaged 2.4 yards per carry at home against Baltimore and 2.3 yards per carry last Thursday in Kansas City. Hillman averaged 3.4 and 3.8 in those same games...behind the same offensive line...facing the same defenses.

You're the coach (or general manager) and you've got a back that has averaged one yard more per carry and one and a half yards per carry over another back. At what point do you decide to give that back more carries because you're literally getting an entire yard more per carry?

Yes, that was the long form of me advising you to add Hillman to your rosters. Just sit on him if you're nervous, but I am thinking about starting him against the Detroit Lions and their 28th-ranked rush defense.

League Play Waiver Wire:

The waiver wire was plundered at midnight last night, running back Matt Jones was long gone and went for a bid of $20 in one of my leagues ($100 cap on the year), wide receiver Travis Benjamin went from being mostly unowned to owned in roughly half of fantasy leagues despite the fact that Josh McCown is back at quarterback. Both of Benjamin's big touchdowns were from backup Johnny Manziel.

Other waiver wire guys that most sources will be advocating you pick up despite the fact that they're no longer likely to be available in your league include quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who is currently a top five NFL quarterback. If you started Eli Manning last week, then you likely won your game, but starting Manning against that Washington defense that seems to only be getting bigger? I'm starting Taylor in any league where I own both.

I was in love with tight end Crockett Gillmore after I saw that Joe Flacco went to him on that final pass in Week One against Denver, and last week he put up Rob Gronkowski numbers. Start Gillmore with reckless abandon this week and sign him immediately if he's available in your league.

The other obvious one that you likely know about already is running back James Starks of the Green Bay Packers who will be replacing Eddie Lacy at least for this week and maybe a little bit beyond. Again though, he's likely not available in your league any longer.

Also check for Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman on your waiver wire, he's starting at least this week if not beyond.

I like two receivers and they're not going to blow up your roster or anything, but I think that you can count on them for 10 points per week more often than not. Those two are receivers Ted Ginn, Jr. (Carolina Panthers) and Leonard Hankerson (Atlanta). Ginn Jr. has had two touchdowns in two weeks and looks to me like quarterback Cam Newton's favorite target that is not Greg Olsen. Hankerson was one catch from making himself the most valuable receiver in fantasy football last week, he was targeted 11 times despite having a healthy Roddy White also on the field. I like him long term too because Julio Jones and White aren't exactly known for their health.

Another receiver I think will pay off owning soon is Tennessee Titans wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham. It's only a matter of time before the Titans can unleash him.

The Packers Ty Montgomery intrigued me last week as quarterback Aaron Rodgers seemed to find him often in the hurry-up offense, but I can't trust him just yet. It seems that James Jones is not going anywhere, but Davante Adams could be, but until Green Bay gives Murray one solid game I can't start him. The Packer that I do like is tight end Richard Rodgers, but unless you have a top four tight end you're streaming tight ends anyway I hope.

Speaking of tight ends, a guy that is available in your league and you should start ahead of pretty much anyone else other than Gronkowski this week is Jared Cook.

The sneakiest play and a very high payoff this week is quarterback Nick Foles (St. Louis Rams), remember what Foles is capable of doing and then take a look at how awful that Pittsburgh defense is.

Daily Fantasy:

Daily fantasy players this week, I love the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin and San Diego Chargers wide receiver Stevie Johnson. Staying in Seattle I think that Marshawn Lynch is going to have a huge game and think that most players will have a wait and see on LeVeon Bell just out of habit. Bell was not injured, though he was suspended, and I think that he'll also have an explosive week when the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to play the 30th-ranked St. Louis Rams rushing defense.

For a sneaky cheap play at tight end this week, stay in St. Louis and add tight end Jared Cook.

You're welcome.