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Gary Kubiak's offense needs more time, says Chad Brown

"With the way the offseasons are structured, it's really difficult to see what we have during training camp and the offseason."

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Should the Broncos cut bait with the Gary Kubiak offense, or make Peyton Manning continue to practice in that scheme? NFL alumnus Chad Brown has an opinion, and he role-played with Eric Goodman and Zach Foog on The Afternoon Drive to convey his idea.

"Peyton, we need to give it some time," mimed Brown. "My offense is proven. It's been proven for 20 years. My offense has won Super Bowls. So while I certainly respect what you're talking about and I understand where you're coming from, me and the offensive staff are doing our best job to marry what I think our offense needs to be to what you do best. But that's going to take some time for us to figure out. So I am not in any position, Peyton, to abandon my principles on what I think makes a successful offense.

Please don't judge my offense by these first two games

"We're going to run the football," continued Brown. "Our offensive line is going to get better. You know, Peyton, with the way the NFL is structured, with the way the offseasons are structured, it's really difficult other than memorizing the plays, to see what we really have during training camp and during the offseason. Now that the games are going, we get a chance to start coaching up some of these things, some of these errors. And the offensive line group gets a chance to start gelling together.  So please don't judge my offense by these first two games.... And you'll see even bigger passing windows open once we start running the ball effectively."

Do you agree with Brown's take, or do you agree with our earlier thesis that Kubiak needs to bend his schemes to Peyton's strengths right away?


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