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Ryan Harris: "We have got to improve"

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Current Denver Broncos right tackle, Ryan Harris, joined Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg on Mile High Sports' Afternoon Drive and talked about the offensive line issues the team has had through the first two games of the 2015 NFL season.

This interview caught my attention, because Harris is currently the lowest rated offensive lineman on the Broncos as graded by Pro Football Focus. Through just two games, he has scored a whooping (-8.4), with a (-3.2) in pass blocking and a (-5.3) run blocking grade. To be fair, almost all of that came from just one game - that Thursday Night Football game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

On the OL taking heat from the media

"I don't know. I don't pay attention to outside stuff, you know. We've won two games as a team and we want to improve, especially in the run game and the offensive line. And that's our focus and our determines, so that's gonna happen"

On the OL not living up to its capabilities after two games

"Well I mean, I guess that depends on what you define these capabilities as. We had 37 minutes of possession in the first game. Did we have a perfect game in Kansas City? No. Are you going to have perfect games in hostile environments? Probably not, but you keep working and you are honest with yourselves. We're honest with ourselves and we see the points we want to improve on and they are reachable. That's the best thing, it's not some outlandish goal. We just got to improve."

On his concern over Peyton Manning getting hit as much as he is

"You definitely don't want your quarterback getting hit. That's something we're going to improve on drastically as well."

On the running game struggling
We're honest with ourselves and we see the points we want to improve on and they are reachable. That's the best thing, it's not some outlandish goal. We just got to improve. -Ryan Harris on fixing OL issues

"We're just a work in progress, you know, there's no sense of panic [in the locker room]. This is the NFL there's always going to be points you want to improve on and our points of emphasis to improve on are our running game techniques and our pass blocking. Every offensive line in the NFL is doing the same thing, you know. For us, that's just kind of been the issue and questions we've been getting, but its part of the game, part of the NFL. We're going on to week 3 and the goal is to be better each week."

Will the Broncos offensive line improve in Week 3?

Frankly, they have to if they want to continue winning football games. The defense is pretty darn good, but they cannot hold the line for a full 16 games. At some point the offense has to get things going. I have a good feeling that the extra ten days to work on things whether it be in an actual practice or just mentally sitting at home on off days will produce some good things on Sunday Night Football against the Detroit Lions. What do you think Broncos Country?

Bonus listen

Eric and Zach argue whether John Elway needs to win a Super Bowl as a General Manager. Personally, I think he does, since I'm a Denver Broncos fan and Elway is currently the General Manager of my favorite team. That may or may not make me bias on this issue.