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2015 NFL Picks - Week 3

Every Saturday I will drop some knowledge on all you unsuspecting Broncos fanatics. Here are my Week 3 NFL picks.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The nice thing about it already being week three in the NFL is that we can start formulating opinions on which teams are good, which teams are bad, and which teams are starting to either pull it together or crumble apart. The hardest aspect about picking games will be the teams that should be good but aren't going against the teams that should be bad or mediocre, but are suddenly decent. Do you default to what your brain tells you, or what their 2015 record is?

Last Week: 1-0 (only predicted TNF game)
Overall Record: 11-6

Atlanta Falcons (2-0) at Dallas Cowboys (2-0) 11am FOX

If you trust Brandon Weeden and you know it, raise your hand!.... Not you Jerry, I mean people who are actually alive and haven't had a new face implanted on their bodies. Weeden has an embarrassingly pathetic starting record at 5-16, so unlike Jerry Jones, I'm having a hard time being confident in him, especially with the Falcons playing decent football. They may be at home, but no Dez Bryant and no Tony Romo typically means no victories for the Cowboys.

Prediction: Falcons 27, Cowboys 13

Indianapolis Colts (0-2) at Tennessee Titans (1-1) 11am CBS

This game is maddening. Are the Colts really this bad? Did Andrew Luck actually forget how to be an NFL quarterback? I just can't imagine any of that is true, but they are 0-2 and they haven't even been competitive in both losses. Meanwhile, the Titans have already surprised many with their week 1 victory, but last week's loss sobered their fans up quite a bit. Although Mariota is playing well, especially for a rookie, I'm just not sure that if you can't beat the Browns, that that means you can beat the Colts. I'm looking for Andrew Luck to throw for 4 touchdowns to silence the critics. Sore shoulder or not.

Prediction: Colts 31, Titans 17

Oakland Raiders (1-1) at Cleveland Browns (1-1) 11am CBS

I think we all had to make sure we weren't in an Alfred Hitchcock movie last week when watching the Raiders and Ravens. How in the effity ef did David Freaking Carr hang a thirty burger on the Ravens? Does Terrell Suggs really mean that much to them? If so, they are in trouble. And then there's the midget playing QB for the Browns. Congrats, you beat a rookie QB. I'm not sure anyone outside of your inner circle saw that coming. Hell, they probably didn't see it coming either, but simply lied to your face so you wouldn't cut off their allowance. This game will be ugly. I don't care if it's 50-51, it's going to be ugly.

Prediction: Raiders 20, Browns 23

Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Baltimore Ravens (0-2) 11am CBS

This is a story of two teams going in opposite directions. The Bengals are flying high, as per their usual in the regular season, and the Ravens are in free fall. You simply can't get blown out by the Raiders without being in free fall. I don't care where you're playing, they are the Raiders! If you can't exploit Jack Del Rio in the passing game, then you really have no hope. And no hope is exactly what the Ravens have this week. Then again, this is a divisional game and it's at home. If the Redskins and Giants game taught us anything, its that divisional games at home are worth far more than three points by vegas.

Prediction: Bengals 27, Ravens 31

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1) at New England Patriots (2-0) 11am CBS

Do I actually have to say anything about this game? It's the Jags going to Boston to play the Champs*. If they stay within 30, I'll be impressed.

Prediction: Jaguars 13, Patriots 55

New Orleans Saints (0-2) at Carolina Panthers (2-0) 11am FOX

"Yeah I'm free.... Free Fallin!" That's not just a song for John Mayer anymore. That is the story of the Saint's season so far, and things aren't looking to change any time soon. They can't get their offense in gear, with or without a dinged up Drew Brees, and their defense is the same 'ol Aints defense; Non-existent. Opposite them are the Panthers who seem to be doing just fine. They haven't faced the stiffest of competition, but who are we kidding, it isn't like that's going to change this week either.

Prediction: Saints 13, Panthers 23

Philadelphia Eagles (0-2) at New York Jets (2-0) 11am FOX

You see, this is the type of game that has me cursing the NFL Gods. The Eagles are suppose to be good and the Jets are suppose to be bad, really really bad. But they aren't. They are both the exact opposite. So what do you do? Do you believe that this is the week that Chip Kelly figures it all out and the Jets get grounded? Or do you go with a two week old status quo? Decisions decisions. Either way, I do like Brandon Marshall in this contest. But that's about it.

Prediction: Eagles 20, Jets 23

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) at Houston Texans (0-2) 11am FOX

Someone needs to look it up and let me know if there is such a thing as an HBO Hard Knocks Curse. If memory recalls, weren't the Ravens the first team to be on Hard Knocks and then Jamaal Lewis tore up his knee? And then every team that has been on there hasn't done diddly squat? If so, I'm going to blame that on why the Texans can't get out of neutral. That, and they don't have a real quarterback. Then again, JJ Watt is a beast and he will love dining on rookie quarterbacks.

Prediction: Buccaneers 16, Texans 12

San Diego Chargers (1-1) at Minnesota Vikings (1-1) 11am CBS

Losing to Cincinnati on the road in September isn't the end of the world. They are good and it was a close game. However, the Vikings trouncing the Lions was pretty impressive, home or not. What that does is give the Broncos' fans a reason to start their celebrations early, because if the Vikings can beat Detroit, so can Denver.

Prediction: Chargers 22, Vikings 19

Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) at St. Louis Rams (1-1) 11am CBS

Maybe it was just the unlucky draw of a card that landed the Steelers at their 1-1 record because of their opening night loss in New England, but they are looking like I expected them to look. They will be a serious threat to win their division, and I fully expect them to make a little bit of noise in the Playoffs, should they get there. The Rams do have a nice defense, but not a whole lot else. Will their defense be able to keep Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown humble? On the fast track in St. Louis? I have my doubts.

Prediction: Steelers 28, Rams 20

San Francisco 49ers (1-1) at Arizona Cardinals (2-0) 2:05pm FOX

I'm sorry, but this game has "blowout" written all over it. Just like the Jags vs Patriots, I just can't find anything compelling to write because this game was over before the teams even boarded the plane.

Prediction: 49ers 16, Cardinals 41

Buffalo Bills (1-1) at Miami Dolphins (1-1) 2:25pm CBS

Rex Ryan tasted defeat for the first time last week. I kinda saw that coming, but I didn't see it coming like that. Thankfully, the Dolphins are not the Patriots. Even on the road, this should be a pretty easy win for the Bills.

Prediction: Bills 24, Dolphins 16

Chicago Bears (0-2) at Seattle Seahawks (0-2) 2:25pm CBS

Where do I go with this game? I don't like Jay Cutler or John Fox, but I loathe the Seahawks. Call me crazy, but I don't think any of them care. Sprinkle in the fact that this is Seattle's home opener and Kam Chancellor is back, and if they don't crush the Bears by three touchdowns, I'll have Tim Lynch eat his hat!

Prediction: Bears 6, Seahawks 44

Denver Broncos (2-0) at Detroit Lions (0-2) 6:30pm NBC SNF

Game of the week right here! Our beloved Denver Broncos will march into Detroit and lay the lumber on Matthew Stafford and the boys. If Stafford makes it through halftime uninjured, I'll be shocked. If he's getting banged up against the Vikings, then imagine what Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, and TJ Ward will do to him! He's going to have to drink a lot of blood and rattle a lot of chicken bones to get the good voodoo working so he doesn't end up on season ending IR after this game.

Prediction: CJ Anderson, 100+ yards, 2 TDs. Peyton Manning, 2 TD's. Demaryius Thomas 100+ yards 1 TD. Emmanuel Sanders 100+ yards, 1 TD. Chris Harris Jr. Pick six. Aquib Talib, INT. Von Miller, 2 sacks, 5 QB hits/hurries, and ends Stafford's day. DeMarcus Ware, 2 sacks.

Broncos 35, Lions, 10

Kansas City Chiefs (1-1) at Green Bay Packers (2-0) 6:30pm ESPN MNF

Hahahahahaha... hahahahahahahah sorry, I can't stop laughing at the Chiefs and their fans! ok, ok, serious time here. The Packers destroy KC at home. Alex Smith vs Aaron Rodgers? Really? C'mon now, even the most die hard Chief fans can't even see a way out without making their noses grow.

Prediction: Chiefs 24, Packers 31