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Broncos Lions predictions: Can Denver win two straight prime time road games?

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It seems to be dumb luck that the Denver Broncos would draw two consecutive road games under the lights of prime time, but at least the Broncos got a few extra days to prepare for the desperate Detroit Lions. At 0-2, in the season home opener, the Lions will be playing "save our season" football and that doesn't bode well for a Broncos offense that has failed to execute in any phase of their game.

That said, the Broncos defense is a destroyer of quarterbacks and that might just be enough for the Broncos to sneak away with another win. Let's see what staffers here at Mile High Report think.

Lions 16, Broncos 10 - Tim Lynch

Yes, you read that right, but before you run me out of town I do think this will be the only loss the Broncos suffer before their Bye week. Two road games on prime time is a gauntlet no team should face, but the Broncos drew the short stick against a team that is now on the cusp of seeing their entire season slip away. It's going to be a dog fight and I just don't think the Broncos offensive line is ready for it.

I am sure much of Broncos Country will go into full panic mode if this happens, but allow me to spread a bit of cautious optimism. By the time the Bye week rolls around, we're going to see a completely different offense and I believe these Broncos, with all of the talent they have, will begin to steamroll the competition. It will be a fun second half of 2015, people.

There. Now that the bad news has been spread, let's end with a tidal wave of optimism, shall we?

Broncos 31, Lions 13 - Pete Baron

I'm not sure I expect much out of the Denver offense for the third straight week, but I expect even less out of the Detroit offense with a severely banged up Matthew Stafford. Stafford is a walking M*A*S*H* unit, and having DeMarcus Ware look 25 years old again will have the Lions bench yelling for Hawkeye and Trapper John. How in the world will that guy be able to stand in the pocket and throw the ball with Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, and Shane Ray trying to decapitate him? He's already beat up, and that's against defenses that aren't the buzzsaw known as the Denver Broncos. Our defense comes out of this game with 3+ turnovers and one score. 31-13 Broncos.

Broncos 27, Lions 9 - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann

Another tough defense, another hostile environment, but still another win for the Broncos. I'm counting on Peyton Manning and the offense to have taken advantage of the extra practice time and hoping that this "work-in-progress" offense shows us some progress. I don't expect huge leaps, but some semblance of a ground game, fewer third-and-longs and a lead by the end of the game is what I'm planning on. This will certainly be bolstered by another outstanding performance from our defense that will include three sacks, two turnovers, one of which will be a pick-six.

Broncos 27, Lions 19 - Sadaraine

I don't expect our offensive line to have everything figured out, but I do expect some improvement. We'll do okay on offense and should be impactful again on defense. The biggest issue we'll need to watch for are passes to Megatron or Golden Tate deep...can our safeties handle the heat?

Broncos 27, Lions 13 - Scotty Payne

The Broncos will get their run game going against the vulnerable Lions defense. I expect C.J to top 100 yards and get 2 touchdowns.The defense will knock the banged up Stafford out of the game and hold them to 13 points. Look for another defensive touchdown. Manning will have his ups and downs, but will keep the Broncos in the game.

Broncos 31, Lions 17 - Christopher Hart

After two anemic performances for the Broncos offense in the two first weeks of the season, I expect them to take advantage of a depleted and inexperienced Lions defense that ranks near the bottom of the league and finally put points on the board that we have been accustomed to over the last three seasons. Denver's defense is strong enough to shut down the great qualities of the Lions offense and I don't see Stafford and friends being able to get enough points to come away with a victory on their home field. Denver starts off strong out the gate and never looks back and keeps marching forward with yet another victory.

Broncos 34, Lions 10 - Kelly Fleming

An injured Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson may have home field advantage, but I don't see it giving them the first passing touchdown on the Broncos this season. The return of Kenny Anunike this week will make the Broncos' defensive line even more ridiculous than it already was. Pressure on Stafford paired with his injury won't allow anything more than a rushing touchdown while the starters are in. The Broncos' offense had a week and a half to improve, and I foresee Mathis finally clicking with the Broncos, opening up wide run lanes for CJ and Hillman. Manning will also throw 2 long touchdowns to Sanders and DT, and no interceptions, to prove his arm is just fine. The only way the Lions score more than one touchdown on the Broncos this week is if the second string team starts playing after they are 4 scores up.

Broncos 27, Lions 18 - Kyle Montgomery

I'm coming in with plenty of confidence for our Broncos this week. While the Lions' weapons at wide receiver are a bit worrisome, and their offensive line is better than who we've faced so far, I don't think that will be enough to get after this defense consistently. Peyton Manning always rises to the prime time occasion, so I see a 27-18 victory for Denver Sunday Night.

Ian Henson

Imagine a scenario in which you and your team have been told all offseason that something you were doing was going to be incredible, it was inescapable the anticipation. Then the season started and you wet the bed, long gone were the apologists that would point to the fact that The Baltimore Ravens finished 2014 allowing 88.2 rushing yards per game and the Kansas City Chiefs are currently only allowing 79.5. Now your team is landing in the city of Detroit where the Lions are allowing just over 147 yards per game. What would be the safest assumption that you could make if this were a chess game?

I expect the reemergence of the Denver ground game. My main point of interest revolves around whether C.J. Anderson or Ronnie Hillman will be the man with the ball at the end of the game. It won't be exciting, but it will be sweet.

Your turn Broncos Country. Give us your score predictions!