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Live Blog - Week 3 NFL Early Games Thread

Who do you have in the early games? I took the Ravens, Panthers, Browns, Falcons, Texans, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Steelers and Colts.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As I recover from last weeks 5-11 debacle, I take solace that I'm already 1-0 this week in straight up pick'em. Which is good, because I see a lot of games that could go either way today.

The easy picks for me were the Carolina Panthers over the New Orleans Saints, the Atlanta Falcons over the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots over the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Jets over the Philadelphia Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers over the St. Louis Rams, and the Indianapolis Colts over the Tennessee Titans.

I figure if those teams lose, I'll probably be joined by most other people. The toss up games came down to my gut feeling. I just have a feeling the Baltimore Ravens will win at home against the Cincinnati Bengals, even though the Bengals have been the better team so far. I also took the Cleveland Browns at home over the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders had a big game, but I really don't think they are any better than the Browns. I also took the Houston Texans over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers simply because one was a home team and the other was not. And finally, I took the San Diego Chargers on the road over the Minnesota Vikings. Mostly out of my hope that by picking the Chargers, I am jinxing them to choke again.

Who are you rooting for in these early games?