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Broncos at Lions: Was David Bruton's or Bradley Roby's interception more awesome?

Both Bradley Roby and David Bruton had awesome interceptions; which was more awesome? Watch. Vote.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It's not often that you see two highlight-reel-worthy interceptions in the same game made by the same team, but such is the 2015 season for Denver Broncos fans: delightful.

On Sunday, the Orange Crush 2.0 defense continued its campaign with a stranglehold on the Detroit Lions, Matthew Stafford and his offensive line, defeating Detroit 24-12 on Sunday Night Football. On the defensive side of the ball, the two most impressive plays were probably interceptions by Bradley Roby and David Bruton. Watch them below and then vote on which awesome interception was more awesome (and yes, you must pick one in order to vote. Life's not fair, I know).

Bradley Roby pulls a: "DID HE JUST CATCH THAT?!"

The Broncos defense was already preparing to put their stamp on the game by the time Bradley Roby made his play with four minutes to go in the first quarter. On 3rd and 5, Roby leaped in one-on-one coverage to pull a pass from Golden Tate and press the stamp on the paper.

"The first (interception) was a heck of a play, for sure," Lions QB Matthew Stafford said after the game. "They're in man coverage with two deep safeties and he's playing the guy on the outside and we've got the play we want called, really, and the route we want. Probably going to throw that ball 99 more times out of 100. The guy made a heck of a play."

David Bruton with the dagger tip-to-self pick

Fourth quarter. The Broncos are only up 17-12 with less than four minutes to play, so the defense was in desperate need of a big play. Stafford looked for Calvin Johnson again - he had been favoring Johnson most of the night, understandably so - but this time, David Bruton was waiting.

Bruton received the actual game ball for the defensive play of the game, so it certainly merits your consideration as far as more-awesomeness goes.


In a few weeks, we might get used to such splendid displays of athleticism - Denver's defense is on pace for 53 takeaways this season, after all. But let's watch, vote, and enjoy these for the terrific plays that they were and hope this defensive trend continues into the later months of the NFL season and postseason!