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Broncos roster cuts 2015: Three storylines not about Montee Ball

Here are some lesser-talked-about roster battles to note, via Eric Goodman and Zach Fogg of Mile High Sports.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

We all know Montee Ball's precipitous fall from RB #1B status to 4th-or-5th running back is the talk of the 2015 preseason. Here are some other stories of note.

1. Lamin Barrow

"He's going to work outside linebacker for the first team. I think that means, once upon a time, he was going to make this team. ... I think that would mean he's on the bubble."

2. Shelley Smith vs. Gino Gradkowski

"I don't think you can have both of those guys making low-end starter money." Ultimately, Zach says he things Gradkowski will make the team.

3. Corbin Louks

"Corbin Louks is going to catch, going to field all the punts tonight. I think he can make the team just by catching the ball."


Bonus listen

Eric and Zach break down the T.J. Ward news.