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Broncos Cardinals final score: Instant reactions from Denver's 22-20 preseason loss

In the lest meaningful game of the year, what happened that was worth discussing? Who should be on the chopping block? Who may have earned their spot on the team?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

It is so hard to get jazzed for this game given that a large number of the players we will be watching aren't NFL quality players. It shows... especially in the 2nd half. Play looks sloppy. Players look bad because of other players missing assignments. Nevertheless, here's the stuff I'm thinking right after the watch:

  • Andre Caldwell is making this team. He may even deserve it.
  • Montee Ball showed me nothing tonight or all of the preseason to think he's worth keeping.
  • Trevor Seimian looked much more like a rookie this game early in the 2nd half. He picked it up though. The line play was very shaky.
  • For all the flak Tony Carter gets, Curtis Marsh showed us why depth CBs are hard to find.
To me the biggest story of the game was Bennie Fowler. I really dug what he was putting on the field tonight. Great hands, good routes, and lots of solid play. Isaiah Burse pushed him, but Fowler showed the coaches the goods.

Honestly, I think the team is looking pretty good from a depth perspective. Brock Osweiler is ready to step in if Peyton Manning gets injured. We've got some really awesome guys playing 2nd string that would easily start on other teams. This team looked well-coached and pushed hard to execute, and I love seeing that for a change.

On to the Baltimore Ravens!