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Denver Broncos Power Rankings Around the Web for Week 4

The Broncos are a solid top five team according to these Power Rankings around the web.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN: 4 (last week 5)

The Broncos are tweaking their offense for Peyton Manning. Just four snaps under center in Week 3 (55 in Weeks 1-2) and 29 snaps from the pistol (one in Weeks 1-2).

MILE HIGH REPORT: 4 (last week 3)

Thoughts: No commentary from Tim Lynch as he drops the Broncos after their best game. Conspiracy! 5 (last week 5)

Watching Manning push himself out there on every play reminds me of Nolan Ryan grunting on every one of his fastballs late in his career. Speaking of fastballs, Manning might not carry any in his repertoire at this point, but he ain't carrying no clipboard or TV remote, either.

SB Nation: 4 (last week 3)

The Broncos beat another quality opponent this week in the Detroit Lions.

CBS Sports: 5 (last week 6)

It's funny how much better they look now that Coach Peyton Manning is running the offense. That defense could end up being special.

Fox Sports: 3 (last week 3)

The Broncos, who have 11 sacks, continue to generate more pressure than any other team in the NFL -- according to Pro Football Focus, the defense has an eye-popping 75 total quarterback pressures through three weeks. With Peyton Manning back in the shotgun -- where he feels at ease -- the Broncos offense seems to be finding its footing.

Peter King: 4 (last week 3)

Smart for Gary Kubiak to let Peyton Manning go to his comfort zone—the pistol formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. It makes no sense for the plodding Manning to have to drop back like he did in his prep school days in New Orleans.

PFF: 3 (last week 3)

While Aqib Talib and Chris Harris have both been having great seasons, Bradley Roby as the nickel cornerback has the lowest yards per coverage snap at 0.21. On 76 coverage snaps he’s only allowed three catches for 10 yards, 5 yards and 1 yard.

Which teams are in your top 5 for the season so far? Let us know in the comments!