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Horse Tracks: Let the football season begin!

There is only one thing more painful to watch than the fourth preseason game and that's the Pro Bowl. If you were able to make it through all of Sunday's finale to the preseason, you deserve a special gift. Today and tomorrow are cut days. If you're a masochist that loves the bloodbath of forging the final 53-man roster, today is your day.

Friday and Saturday, many players will feel the excitement of making an NFL roster for the first time. Others will be led away from all their hard work by a man know as the 'Turk' to be unceremoniously waived. (Here's a hefty cinch sack, clean out your locker.) I can imagine it's an extremely stressful time for almost everyone not named Peyton Manning or Von Miller around Dove Valley today.

However, those cuts have yet to come down as I write this on Friday morning, and there is other news of the day. OK, it's mostly news of yesterday, but the juicy cuts and trades of cutdown day have yet to happen.

Until then, here, have some Horse Tracks.

Horse Tracks

The Broncos played their last preseason game last night! Who won? Who cares! Okay, the Broncos lost, 22-20 but there were some bright spots... and some uh... not spots.

How amazing is Shaquil Barrett? That dude can play. I can't wait to see what ol' Wade Phillips is going to do with him in this already ferocious defense. Shaquil Barrett most impressive at essential time - Denver Post

Shaquil Barrett wasn't the only one killing it out there on Thursday night, Todd Davis and Shane Ray also did some damage. Broncos generate pressure with three first-half sacks - Denver Broncos

Five sacks?! The Broncos got five sacks in Thursday night's game. Ladies and gentlemen, the Broncos defense has some serious depth and they were eatin' greedy. Broncos defense's depth on display again in preseason finale - The Denver Post

With cuts coming down in mere hours, I thought it would be nice to post a link to the boxscore from Thursday night's game. What jumps out at you? Montee Ball's 1.7 yard rushing average has to be distressing if you're hoping to wear his jersey this year. Andre Caldwell jumps off the stat sheet with that huge 78-yard touchdown from Brock to open the Broncos first possession. Fowler looks like he had a good game too. Box Score - Denver Post

Trevor Siemian had a decent night for a third stringer. However, he's drawing Peyton Manning's attentions in other ways. When I heard this on KOA before the game on Thursday, I thought it was pretty funny. Manning spared Siemian from the rookie haircut hazing on one condition - that he get a decent haircut. Manning also has taken notice Siemian's continued use of his college email address and suggests that the Northwestern alum get an "AOL account" or something. Funny stuff. Peyton Manning picks on Trevor Siemian's haircut, Northwestern email - Chicago Tribune

While on the subject of silly things, new Broncos guard Evan Mathis has caught the attention of a cantankerous octogenarian. Apparently, wearing a hat backwards is enough to elicit complaint-laden letter writing. Frankly, we should be celebrating Mathis for not wearing those silly flat brimmed hats. Shoot, he should be celebrated! I may write him a letter... Fan writes ridiculous letter to Broncos' Mathis about wearing hat backwards | FOX Sports

TEBOW FIX! Apparently, Eagles quarterback Tim Tebow shined in his Thursday night game, supposedly outplaying Matt Barkley. Let the debates begin! Can Tebow crack the Eagles 53-man roster? Brian Dawkins thinks so. Brian Dawkins on Tim Tebow: 'Tebow will be an Eagle'

Here's the obligatory article about Brady's suspension being overturned... Judge nullifies Tom Brady's four-game suspension -

...and here's the bull-puckey news about T.J. Ward being suspended for a single game for something that happened sixteen months ago. Give me a freakin' break. The NFL needs to get this conduct policy-thing figured out. It's quickly becoming the biggest joke in all of professional sports. T.J. Ward of Denver Broncos suspended by NFL for opener