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Denver Broncos players you will want to avoid in your Fantasy Drafts

Draft C.J. Anderson in the first round? Not on my watch.

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A couple of weeks ago, I covered the best fantasy draft options from the Denver Broncos. I thought this week, maybe I'll give you my top Broncos players to avoid in your fantasy drafts this week. I advise you to take off your homer hat and be objective here as I am not suggestion any of these players suck or anything. They just won't be good options for when they are expected to be drafted in most leagues.

1. RB, C.J. Anderson

That's right, my number one player to avoid in your fantasy draft is C.J. Anderson. Why? Because he is projected a first round pick in almost all leagues. That is your big ole red flag right there. I love C.J. Anderson and what he brings to the Denver Broncos, but in terms of the first round in a standard 12-team non-keeper league, I just don't see how he deserves to be considered there.

Now, if somehow there is a run on quarterbacks or wide receivers and C.J. Anderson is sitting there late in the second then do not hesitate picking him up. In my mind, CJ is a solid #2 so don't be stuck with him as your #1. He will be splitting carries with Ronnie Hillman and Peyton Manning is going to get his 40ish touchdown passes. Too many chances for poached fantasy points for my liking.

2. WR, Cody Latimer

Having done several fantasy drafts already this offseason, I have seen Cody Latimer as the "sexy" late round pick. However, he may not even be seeing the field much according to some troubling reports of the young wide receivers inability to take steps towards the next level.

You'd be better off picking up a proven veteran like Andre Caldwell who has some chemistry with Peyton Manning and can stretch the field at times. However, if it were me, I'd probably go with a late round wide receiver from another team that is actually starting at the #2 spot each and every game.

3. TE, Virgil Green

The last guy I would stay away from would be tight end Virgil Green. He isn't actually being picked up in a lot of fantasy drafts, but if you are considering a late round pick then I would re-consider. Green will likely see the field just as much as Owen Daniels, but he will be on the field to do what the Denver Broncos paid him to do: open up running lanes.

I'm a huge fan of Green personally, but as far as a fantasy option, he should not be on any of our radars. The points just won't be there from him. He'll probably help win just as many games as Daniels', but fantasy football doesn't score the dirty work that Green will be doing for the Gary Kubiak offense.

Those are my top three fantasy players to avoid in your drafts. Anyone disagree or think I missed someone?