Who's ready for Ultimate Fan Guide, Season 2?

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FINALLY! Preseason has come and gone, the team has been set (mostly), and the Broncos are preparing to kick off the 2015-16 season in just 7 days.

So it's time to kick off another season of Ultimate Fan Guide in which one (or two) of you get to give your insights, reviews, opinions and more about the upcoming game!

The way this will work is that I'll email you questions (generally on Monday after the recent game) for you to get back to me as soon as possible, so we can have this post at the end of the week in time to preview upcoming game.

Given that today is Sunday, and we have our first game in a week, the Ravens volunteer needs to step up right away!

To sign up, just choose a week and game and mention it in the comments below. It is first-come, first-served here, but two commenters per week works if there is some overlap interest in a particular game.

Unlike with John Fox as coach, preference will be given to the rookie commenters if it comes to that, though it's always great to have veterans too.

It was a lot of fun hearing from you all last season, and I'm hoping there is interest again because this season promises to be a very interesting one (oh, and when the Broncos start the playoff/SB50 run, we'll do a new signup!)

Here we go...GO BRONCOS!

Game Commenter
Week 1: Denver v. Baltimore spworldtour
Week 2: Denver at Kansas City shellman11
Week 3: Denver at Detroit SaguaroBronco
Week 4: Denver v. Minnesota ADanishMan
Week 5: Denver at Oakland Halliday21
Week 6: Denver at Cleveland the_prodigal_fan
Week 7: First-half review (BYE) Whorfin
Week 8: Denver v. Green Bay Matthew Moorman
Week 9: Denver at Indianapolis Tyler Disney
Week 10: Denver v. Kansas City T.Kothe
Week 11: Denver at Chicago H-bizzle
Week 12: Denver v. New England broncofan91 & TheRealCubanB
Week 13: Denver at San Diego Arimaris
Week 14: Denver v. Oakland lancing_2009
Week 15: Denver at Pittsburgh j-man
Week 16: Denver v. Cincinnati draco1986
Week 17: Denver v. San Diego Denver Man

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