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Horse Tracks: Preseason over, Broncos eye Baltimore Ravens

Can you believe it? There's football this Sunday and it counts! The Broncos have made their moves and have a 53-man roster and are just four players away from having a full taxi squad. All that speculation that pulled fans through the long hot summer can finally be put to rest and we can now focus on which sports bar to go to, what food to grill, what beer to buy, and most importantly, fans can now focus on Denver Broncos brand football.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Maybe it's karma? When Art Modell packed up his Cleveland franchise and relocated it to Baltimore, the Denver Broncos had pretty much owned them in the worst way. OK, John Elway pretty much owned them. In the playoffs, there was the Drive and the Fumble and another playoff game that was never as close as the other two.  Ask any Clevelander about those games and they'll curse John Elway as the destroyer of children's dreams.

Then when the franchise moved to Baltimore, the city Elway spurned by demanding a trade when he was drafted by them, things changed. Denver no longer had the upper-hand.

The Broncos are 5-7 all time against the Baltimore Ravens. The difference being two horrid playoff losses, one in 2000 and the other, still sickeningly fresh, in 2012.

Over the next week, Broncos fans will relive that terrible play by Rahim Moore. Maybe we'll hear about Shannon Sharpe's defection to their 2000 Super Bowl team. We'll surely hear about Kubiak's return to Baltimore, where he was the offensive coordinator before becoming the Broncos head coach. Drink in those storylines, because by this time next week, they won't matter. It'll all be about Kansas City.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2015 football season is here.

Horse Tracks

When the preseason began, most people saw Montee Ball making this year's 53 roster, but poor play and and better play from Ronnie Hillman, C. J. Anderson, and Juwan Thompson paved the way to Ball's dismissal. Sometimes being a high draft pick works for you when the cuts are close, but in Ball's case the expectations were higher than his level of performance. Here's hoping he can catch on somewhere else. Montee Ball waived by Denver Broncos - ESPN

Of the seven new NFL coaches this season, Gary Kubiak is the only one who comes from an offensive background. Here's what the L.A. Times had to say about him and the others. Some of these seven new NFL coaches are old hands - LA Times

This year's roster cut-down season has been a little different, hasn't it? There were no cuts announced or leaked on Friday. Trade rumors went nowhere. Then, on Sunday when we all thought the practice squad would be complete, they only ink six of the ten available slots. Wondering who those six were? Here they are. Broncos fill 6 of 10 practice squad spots - 9News

Former Broncos linebacker Steven Johnson was claimed off waivers by the Tennessee Titans. Personally, I thought Johnson was going to make it, but you never know in this league. Best of luck to him! Ex-Bronco LB Johnson starts 'new chapter' in Tennessee - 9News

'Sundays with Sacco' are quickly becoming my favorite part of writing Monday's Horse Tracks. This week, the former Broncos PR guru looks back on memorable opening days throughout Broncos history. I especially enjoyed his mention of the orange and blue uniforms premiering at the Broncos OTHER home stadium (not Mile High). Check this out if you dig Broncos history. Sundays with Sacco: A new beginning

Who would have thought before the season that Trevor Siemian would not only beat our Zac Dysert, but make the final 53-man roster? I certainly didn't. Here's a look at how that came to be. Trevor Siemian stuck because he 'just continued to make plays'

Poor Tebow. On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles added a quarterback to their roster to take his place. Eagles add a quarterback, no one adds Tebow | ProFootballTalk

This RGIII think in Washington is going to get out of hand pretty fast. All it's going to take is a few bad games from Kirk Cousins and then people will start clamoring for the former starter. Chaos will then likely envelop the team. At least RGIII sitting on the bench won't be a distraction right? If you have to answer questions about it being a distraction, it's a distraction. Jay Gruden: RGIII isn't a distraction for Redskins -

Injured Steeler Maurkice Pouncey was placed on injured reserve Sunday, but could be back this season. Maurkice Pouncey goes on injured reserve with chance to return | ProFootballTalk

Remember all that Montee Ball to the Cowboys trade talk? It turns out that Dallas wanted to go another direction with their running back needs. Seahawks trade RB Christine Michael to Cowboys -