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Denver Broncos fans must hold on to their tickets

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If you have tickets and sell them, you lose your fan card. Period.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We all remember the sight.

It came 10 years ago this month in the AFC Championship Game.

The Denver Broncos had just beaten the New England Patriots 27-13, thanks in part to Champ Bailey's 100-yard interception return. That win in the divisional playoffs meant the Pittsburgh Steelers would come to Denver.

The only problem? Then-Invesco Field at Mile High was overcome by Terrible Towels and Steelers Nation. At the very least it was between 25-35 percent Pittsburgh fans.

John Lynch and Bailey still comment on how they couldn't believe that happened. To this day, neither can I.

Denver boasts one of, if not the best, fan bases in the NFL when it comes to home support. The Broncos have sold out every game since 1974.

So how does that happen?

Fans try to make a profit on their tickets, that's how.

There's no question the Steelers fans travel better than just about any other in the country. That also means they will pay astronomical prices for tickets.

One of the reasons the Broncos organization put forth the location restriction on buying tickets was because of what happened in 2006. They should take it a step further. If a season ticket holder sells their tickets to Pittsburgh fans, they lose their season tickets. Period. It's clear they do no care about the organization or supporting the team. They just want to make some extra cash. That's their right, but it's also Denver's to take them from fans who willingly do that.

I'll take it a step further: If you sell your tickets at all, turn in your fan card.

I've seen a lot of responses to a tweet I sent out Saturday night that said just don't sell them to Pittsburgh fans.

Don't even make that an option. Don't sell them. If you can't go, there are plenty of Broncos fans on social media who could take them off your hands if you couldn't find family or close friends to take them.

Broncos fans boast of the Rocky Mountain Thunder and Mile High Magic.

The image from 10 years ago spoils that.

Whatever Broncos Country can do to ensure that doesn't happen again, it must.