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Brian Billick calls Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a 'drama queen'

The former Super Bowl winning coach calls out the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former Super Bowl winning coach and current NFL Network analyst Brian Billick appeared on 104.3 the FAN in Denver on Thursday, and he called out Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Billick implies that Big Ben is talking up or being a 'drama queen' about his shoulder injury. He believes Ben will appear hurt before launching two deep passes for touchdowns.

There's no one tougher than Ben Roethlisberger by far in the NFL, but he's a drama queen. He's gonna come out on that field. That arm's gonna be limp. It's going to look like he can't even lift it. Then he's going to crank off a 60-yard bomb to Martavis Bryant. Then he'll carry it back into the huddle, holding it like it's in a sling, and then he'll crank off a 40-yarder to Antonio Brown."

Obviously, Brown was ruled out for Sunday's game, so he won't be throwing any deep bombs to him on Sunday.

Ben does a thing for the dramatics this year. He has been carted off to the lockerroom three separate times this season. Once for a knee injury, another time for a foot injury, and for a shoulder injury this past weekend. Both times it appeared that Ben has suffered a major injury, but every time he made it back and looked like a hero. He even came back in to play on the final series of the game last weekend to help lead the Steelers to a victory.

Ben will also make sure you know he is hurt, how bad he is hurt, and how much pain he is in before playing that week.

As we saw this week, Roethlisberger was very upfront about what injury he had, how little of practicing he will be doing, and how much pain he in. As Andrew Siciliano points out, this wouldn't fly in most NFL buildings. Most teams are very secretive about a players injury and keep it very vague when they have to be open about it. Not with Ben, he wants you to know.

Now while I agree that Ben is a "drama queen", I don't think we will be seeing him throwing the ball downfield a lot on Sunday. Multiple doctors have pointed out that he will be playing through a lot of pain on Sunday. His shoulder will become more painful throughout the game because of the amount of wear and tear he is putting himself through.

Listen to the full interview below.