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Five questions with Bolts from the Blue: 'Worst season ever' to be a Chargers fan

This week we talked to John Genarro from about our upcoming game against the San Diego Chargers. We're fighting for playoff position, and they are trying to get this season over with. Let's get his thoughts on the upcoming game.

Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images
1) A week before the final game of the season your team puts a slew of guys on IR who are big-time players. What are the feelings in general from the Chargers' fan base on this?

I'd love to say "Nobody cares because this is a meaningless game," but the team putting Eric Weddle on IR has led to a national news story. Weddle's agent went on a Twitter rant against the team, notifying the public that Weddle was fined $10k for watching his daughter perform at halftime of the Chargers' last home game of the season and that Weddle was told he would not be allowed to travel with the team to Denver.

This has been, arguably, the worst season ever to be a San Diego Chargers fan, and everyone is just ready for it to be finished.

2) Philip Rivers isn't the kind of guy to roll over in a meaningless game. What do you expect to see from your QB in this game?

Oh, he'll do absolutely everything he can to win. That's for sure. However, this is definitely his last game ever playing with Malcom Floyd and probably his last game ever playing with Antonio Gates. Those have been his best friends since he came into the league, and it probably breaks his heart a little that they'll be gone. With it being a meaningless game, don't be surprised if he forces more than a few passes their way.

3) Do you think the Chargers are going to retain the services of McCoy or look for fresh leadership? Who's the best fit in your mind out there?

I think he gets canned on Monday. As for who the best fit is, it all depends on if the team is playing in the No. 2 market in the country (Los Angeles) or in San Diego come next season. Either way, I would like to see Hue Jackson come in and be that guy.

4) I see some of your really good defenders sitting this game out. What does San Diego have on defense that is a threat to Denver's offense?

They have nothing to lose and a couple of pass-rushers that are really effective when they have nothing to lose. I wouldn't be surprised to see a ton of blitzes (to cover up a VERY injured secondary), resulting in Melvin Ingram and Jerry Attaochu getting to Brock Osweiler more than a few times. That is, if the Chargers can manage to stop the run.

5) What are the keys to the game for your team?

There's really one big key, which is that the Chargers will do everything they can to outscore a Broncos offense that hasn't been spectacular for a while.

If the offensive line can give Philip Rivers time, and some lanes for Danny Woodhead and Donald Brown to run through, the team stands a chance of scoring 30 points. That would be the only way they can win this one.