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NFL Playoffs 2016: Divisional Round predictions round-up

The stakes were larger. Denver was in it. Who's got bragging rights this week?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

All in good fun, we're here to call to task those with cloudy crytstal balls (some of the staff should probably see a doctor about that). Let's take a look at the losers and the users in the world of predicting NFL playoff football.

4 - 0 Say When!

These cats know their way around the litter box of game predictions. Perfection like this is only found in rarefied are my friends:




3 - 1 Age quod agis

Only a little off the mark. These dudes are cool customers who at least know their way to the showdown at high noon.


Ian Henson

2-2 Its like I'm playing poker with my brother's kids or sumthin...

They talk a big game. But at the end of the day they are probably just flipping a coin, tossing chicken bones, reading pig innards or some other such nonsense.



Ian St. Clair

1-3 Anyone know what that smell is?

This prognosticator has been spending too much time with the chef fans.


2015 Playoff Totals

We have entered a five-way tie for first place. Hold on to your Broncos, err, horses!

Monty: 6 - 2

Ian Henson: 6 - 2

Kelly: 6 - 2

Pete: 6 - 2

Tim: 6 - 2

Sadaraine: 5 - 3

Laurie: 4 - 4

Amy: 4 - 4

Ian St. Clair: 3 - 5

* Jacob: 3 - 1