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Patriots vs. Broncos weather: Rain, rain, go away

The weather for the AFC Championship Game is looking dicey.

The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots already enjoyed one epic weather game in 2015, with C.J. Anderson's overtime march and 4th-quarter touchdown slide through the snow forever imprinted on Broncos Country's minds.

C.J. Anderson touchdown snow Patriots
Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

But as the U.S. government might say: why settle for one epic weather game vs. Tom Brady when you can have two for twice the price?

Andrew Caldwell touchdown Patriots snow
Justin Edmons/Getty Images

Currently, the forecast for the AFC Championship Game calls for a possibility of rain and/or snow showers, according to CBS4 Denver. With kickoff temps above freezing, that looks like it's leaning toward rain.

Patriots Broncos weather
CBS4 Denver

Ironically, the Broncos' game in mid-January might be warmer and wetter than the game in early November.

We all know about Colorado weather: if you're not happy with it, wait five minutes. Take the Broncos' Divisional Round game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday: the forecast did not call for anywhere near 20-30mph winds, but Brandon McManus and Peyton Manning had to deal with those swirling conditions anyway.

We'll be keeping a close eye on the weather as we approach Sunday, but the best forecast might not be available until five minutes before kickoff.