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The City of Boston is exporting salt; finds no buyers

Dan Shaughnessy says the Broncos "are not very good," despite whooping the New England Patriots twice this season.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

One thing New England Patriots fans and media members have in common is their whining and excuse-making after a loss.

Another great example of this came from none other than Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy who went on to say the Denver Broncos "are not very good."

You can read his entire article here, but it is just Shaughnessy making excuses as to why the Patriots fell short to the Denver Broncos despite being heavily favored.

Despite the Broncos effectively handling the Pats' star quarterback and slowing down their "great offense," Shaughnessy, in typical Bostonian fashion, continues to be disrespectful to the Broncos.

That’s what makes Sunday’s loss so painful. Is there any Patriot fan who thinks the Pats would have lost Sunday’s game if it had been played in Foxborough? Of course not. The Broncos are not very good. They are likely to be cannon fodder for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. The Broncos look like the same Broncos who were smoked by the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII in East Rutherford, N.J.

The Patriots should be playing in Super Bowl 50. They should have stayed the course and put themselves at Gillette for the entire AFC tournament. But they chose another path. And now they are done. What a waste.

So Shaughnessy thinks the Broncos "are not a very good team." Should we remind him how the Broncos defeated the Patriots twice this year? Should we remind them how Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware made the New England offensive tackles look pathetic? Should we remind him how the Broncos hit Tom Brady 20+ times on Sunday and left him battered, bloodied and bruised?

I'm sure they will have an excuse. Maybe it was the refs fault again. Or the altitude. Or somehow that their tablets not working on the sideline is to blame for the loss (but that is Karma at its finest, if you ask me).

The Broncos defeated the Patriots twice this year with two different quarterbacks. Backup Brock Osweiler led a comeback against them back in November, and the "washed up" Peyton Manning threw for two touchdowns against them on Sunday.

Also, the Broncos might be the first team in NFL history to have the top-ranked defense in the NFL and be considered "not very good." Any intelligent NFL fan or media member knows this is not true. The Broncos have beaten the odds all year to be where they are right now. They have accepted the underdog role and have thrived under it.

Maybe it's the Patriots who are not very good in Denver. Tom Brady has now fallen to 2-7 in games in Denver. His only two victories came against Danny Kanell and Tim Tebow. Not much to brag about there. Brady also falls to 1-3 against Peyton Manning in the AFC Championship games (0-2 with Manning as a Denver Bronco).

What I found most comical about this article was Shaughnessy indirectly saying that his New England Patriots are not very good either. If they could not beat the Denver Broncos twice this year, why wouldn't they also be "cannon fodder for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50"?

I guess whining is a common thing in Boston.