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DeMarcus Ware: 'This is an opportunity of a lifetime'

The Afternoon Drive catches up with DeMarcus Ware after the AFC Championship Game.

In the locker room after the Denver Broncos incredible 20-18 victory over the New England Patriots, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive chat with DeMarcus Ware about the game and Super Bowl 50.

On how it feels to finally make it to a Super Bowl

"This is an opportunity of a lifetime and you work hard for it. It was a long time coming and you are on a team that wants it just as bad, so it's pretty good to be in this position. We've got one more to go."

On how the defense was able to keep the pressure on Tom Brady

"You know, I give credit to the corners. They gave us just a little extra time to get to the quarterback. I talked about it all week and they left us one on one. And if you get one on one you got to make sure you capitalize on it."

On if he was surprised at how bad they made Brady look

"I'll just say the game is won in the trenches. It was going to take the offensive line and the defensive line, the guys up front, to really dominate and we really took on that motto for sixty minutes, but we knew they don't go down easy. And we were able to do that."

On seeming reserved about heading into the Super Bowl

"I'm always reserved. I'm more chill. When I get home, I may squeal a little bit and let a little out. I might even throw some confetti around. [laughter] I just keep my composure and enjoy the moment."

Bonus Listen

The guys talk about how special the Broncos defense is.