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Super Bowl grounds crew painted two Broncos end zones on accident

This is one way to keep the Panthers out of the end zone.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Levi's Stadium grounds crew had an embarrassing snafu when they started painting the end zones for Super Bowl. They painted one side Blue with the Broncos logo and name. The other side? It had the Broncos names and logo.


CBS photographer James Martin took this photo of the would be Carolina Panthers end zone that had the Broncos logo and name still faintly on it.

Here is a better picture of it where you can see Levi's Stadium field with two Denver Broncos end zones on it.(Picture via Samuel Lam on Twitter).

SB50 end zone oopsy

The Levi's Stadium grounds crew officially fixed the Panthers end zone on Thursday. Personally, I thought it looked better before, but it is what it is.

Here is what the field looks like now.

Let's hope the only player dabbing on Super Bowl Sunday will be Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller after he sacks Cam Newton.

Here is the finished Denver Broncos end zone.

Before After We're ready for you @broncos. #SB50

A photo posted by Levi's Stadium (@levisstadium) on

What do you think Broncos fans?