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Broncos can earn number one seed after Patriots lose to the Dolphins

Thank you Miami!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

All of Broncos Country was a Miami Dolphins fan this afternoon, and they came through!

The Miami Dolphins upset the New England Patriots earlier today by the score of 20 to 10, and now the Denver Broncos can earn the number one seed in the AFC.

The Patriots had a chance in the 4th quarter to make a comeback, but they basically gave up. They benched their starters and conceded the win to the Dolphins.

This means that the Broncos will have home field for the entire postseason if they can defeat the San Diego Chargers this afternoon.

If the Broncos earn the number one seed, this means that they will play the lowest seed remaining in the AFC after the wildcard rounds are finished next weekend. Since the Patriots would be the two seed, they would end up playing the highest remaining seed in the AFC.

The potential teams the Broncos could play(if they win) are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Houston Texans.

Now all the Broncos need to do is to do their job and defeat the San Diego Chargers.

Thank you, Miami.