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Denver Broncos head into halftime up 7-6 over San Diego Chargers

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are dominating this football game over the San Diego Chargers, but turnovers are killing them over and over again. It killed them again to start the second quarter as Brock Osweiler would hit on the blindside for a fumble.

The Broncos defense stood tall and got the ball right back to the offense though. After two short runs by Ronnie Hillman, the Broncos had a third and four to convert. Osweiler would hit Owen Daniels wide open over the middle of the field for the first down.

Then things went south. A running play was blown up on first down, then a screen pass was blown up on second down to setup third and 14. Osweiler would hit Demaryius Thomas for a short pass, but three Chargers defenders were there for the stop. The Broncos would punt for the first time in the game up 7-3 over the Chargers.

Up against their own end zone, Derek Wolfe would sack Philip Rivers for a big loss on third down to force another Chargers punt.

Michael Schofield has been consistently beaten week and week, but he continues to start week after week. This time his poor play gets the Chargers another interception to put San Diego just outside the red zone.

Thankfully, the Broncos defense forces a quick three and out for a field goal attempt.

On the next series, the Broncos could do nothing as Schofield continued to be the worst player in the NFL. After that three and out, the Chargers quickly got themselves nearly midfield before some trickery by San Diego produced a holding penalty.

That first and 20 turned into a first and 15 after an offsides call on DeMarcus Ware. Rivers would then bounce off another would-be sack to run for five yards to setup second and 10 with two minutes to go in the half. After a short pass, the Broncos defense would come alive with Ware and Malik Jackson sacking Rivers to force yet another punt.

With just 58 seconds to go in the half, Osweiler would toss the ball to Hillman for a quick drop. After a quick eight yard completion to Jordan Norwood, the Broncos would get a nice first down throw to Sanders.

The good was quickly wiped out by a holding call on Schofield that wiped out a good gain. With just 28 seconds left in the half, they bring in an extra lineman to help Schofield - but run a draw play to end the half.