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Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler? Broncos coach non-committal

Should Manning or Brock start in two weeks?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After tonight's 27-20 win over the San Diego Chargers that saw Peyton Manning come off the bench and help lead the Broncos to victory, an AFC West Title and the number one overall seed in the AFC.

Naturally after the game, Kubiak was asked who will be the starting quarterback for the Broncos moving forward in the playoffs. Kubiak left fans the media, and the teams guessing.

Kubiak said they will sit down and make the best decision for the team moving forward this week.

"We'll sit down," Said Kubiak. "We'll make a decision that's best for the football team and we'll be counting on everybody to continue to do their part."

Manning came in after halftime in place of Brock Osweiler and immediately lead the Broncos down the field for a touchdown. Running back C.J. gained the majority of the yards on that drive. Later Ronnie Hillman added a touchdown run of his own to put the game away for the Broncos. Manning also led the Broncos down the field for two field goal drives.

The truth here is that this is now Peyton Manning's team. It sure didn't look or even sound that way a week ago, but that's the NFL for you. Once you go back to Peyton, you don't go back. Flip flopping quarterbacks this late into the season usually isn't a great anyways. It's time for the Broncos to officially announce who the quarterback is and squash the questions as soon as possible.

While I think Brock earned this opportunity to lead the team in the playoffs, the Broncos should go with Peyton if he's healthy enough to play effectively. Manning showed that his brain is still elite. He'll make the correct audibles, get rid of the ball quickly, and has the experience that Osweiler does not.

Expect to see number 18 under center for the Broncos in two weeks against whoever advances in the wild-card round.

Maybe we will get to see that story book ending for Manning and the Broncos after all.