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Broncos NFL Draft order 2016: Broncos will draft 25th or lower in first round

With a win against the San Diego Chargers, the Denver Broncos have earned their fifth AFC West title in a row. Additionally, they secured a first-round bye and home field advantage in the playoffs. Nevertheless, it's never too early to discuss the NFL Draft and how the franchise looks in that regard.

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The future looks bright for the Denver Broncos, and it will get even bright come April. As of now, based on trades made and compensatory pick projections, the Broncos will have ten overall selections at their disposal for the 2016 NFL Draft. Listed below is a breakdown of how we calculated that number, as well as the general outline (by round) of those selections.

2016 NFL First Round Draft Order

The first 20 selections in the NFL Draft have been finalized.  The remaining 11 slots are undetermined as of now, until the Wild Card round of the playoffs has been played.  Why only 31 picks instead of 32 in this year's first-round?  That's easy to answer. The New England Patriots, who are in the playoffs, will forfeit their first-round selection this year due to DeflateGate.

  1. Tennessee Titans
  2. Cleveland Browns
  3. San Diego Chargers
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars
  6. Baltimore Ravens
  7. San Francisco 49ers
  8. Miami Dolphins
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  10. New York Giants
  11. Chicago Bears
  12. New Orleans Saints
  13. Philadelphia Eagles
  14. Oakland Raiders
  15. St. Louis Rams
  16. Detroit Lions
  17. Atlanta Falcons
  18. Indianapolis Colts
  19. Buffalo Bills
  20. New York Jets
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers*
  22. Seattle Seahawks*
  23. Minnesota Vikings*
  24. Kansas City Chiefs*
  25. Washington Redskins*
  26. Houston Texans*
  27. Green Bay Packers*
  28. Cincinnati Bengals*
  29. Denver Broncos*
  30. Arizona Cardinals*
  31. Carolina Panthers*

* Final Draft order subject to change based on playoffs.

Denver Broncos 2016 NFL Draft Selections

1st Round Selection (Original)
2nd Round Selection (Original)
3rd Round Selection (Original)
3rd Round Selection (Projected compensatory for Julius Thomas)
4th Round Selection (Projected compensatory for Orlando Franklin)
5th Round Selection (Via Baltimore)
6th Round Selection (Projected compensatory for Terrance Knighton)
7th Round Selection (Via San Francisco)
7th Round Selection (Via Houston)
7th Round Selection (Original)

Trades impacting Broncos draft pick arsenal:

  • The Broncos do not have their original fourth-round selection. That was traded to the Baltimore Ravens for Gino Gradkowski and a 2016 fifth-round selection.
  • The Broncos do not have their original fifth-round selection. That was traded to the Detroit Lions in a 2015 NFL Draft trade to move up and acquire outside linebacker Shane Ray.
  • The Broncos do not have their original sixth-round selection. That was traded (along with a 2017 sixth-rounder) to the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for Vernon Davis and a 2016 seventh-round selection.
  • Additionally, the Broncos acquired a 2016 seventh-round selection from the Houston Texans for offensive tackle Chris Clark.

According to OverTheCap, the Broncos are expected to receive three compensatory selections.  A third-round selection for Julius Thomas, a fourth-round selection for Orlando Franklin and a sixth-round selection for Terrance Knighton.  It is possible that the Broncos could receive a fourth compensatory selection based on the playing time and production of former tight end Jacob Tamme, but we won't know for certain until the picks are awarded at the NFL owner meetings this off-season. Additionally, they project that the Broncos will have a rookie salary pool of almost $6.5 million dollars with those ten selections.

Miscellaneous tidbits regarding the Broncos' draft selections:

  • If the Broncos do indeed receive a third-round compensatory selection for Julius Thomas, their original selection and that pick would be within fifteen selections of each other, pending their performance in the playoffs. It would also give them four selections in the Top 100 overall and flex
  • The Broncos would have two selections within ten picks in the fourth and fifth rounds with their compensatory selection for Orlando Franklin and fifth-round selection received from the Ravens in the trade for Gino Gradkowski.
  • In the sixth and seventh rounds the Broncos are poised to have four selections in a span of thirty picks, giving them a hefty third day arsenal.
  • Expect the team to be very proactive in the draft in 2016. The team has been active in moving up or down in the draft under the leadership of John Elway and there is no reason for that not to continue.  What could also help the Broncos make moves is the ability to trade compensatory selections, which is expected to be announced during the NFL Owners Meetings when such picks are awarded.