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Pritchard: Brock Osweiler was a little too passive for this time of year

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive interviewed Mike Pritchard for his assessment of the quarterback fallout from this week. In fact, he might have had the best breakdown of why Gary Kubiak decided to go with Peyton Manning early in the third quarter of the game against the San Diego Chargers.

It was a fairly harsh assessment on Brock Osweiler, but it feels spot on. Pritchard did go on to say that if the Denver Broncos let Osweiler go during the offseason, they might regret it.

On who should be the starting quarterback

"You know, I think the Broncos got some answers. Kubiak did not like the demeanor of Brock Osweiler. What Brock Osweiler, I think, failed to realize is that the Broncos were ready to turn the reigns over to him totally and go forward with him, but he just didn't demonstrate the leadership qualities that you need to have in the playoffs and certainly when your backs are against the wall in certain moments. So he turned to Peyton Manning, someone who has that kind of experience.

"Now if you are talking strictly on skill sets, Brock Osweiler is your guy, but if you are talking about the intangibles that can help a team, uplift a team, motivate a team and get this team on the offense side of the ball in the right situations and adjustments as well, then the experience of Peyton Manning has got to be what you go with. And Brock Osweiler just hasn't shown that".

On what kind of intangibles he's talking about

"Just acknowledgement of the defense and understanding the tendencies of Pagano and what he was trying to do with the blitzes and the movement on the defensive side of the ball ... just settling everybody down. Taking control of the offense as opposed to just waiting for instructions.

"I think Brock Osweiler, seven starts into his career, is a little too passive for this time of year. You need a guy at the line of scrimmage to take control, plus Peyton Manning needs to be on the same page as everybody else in order of that offense to work well."

Bonus Listen

Eric and Les discuss the positives of seeing Peyton Manning operate the offense successfully from under center against the Chargers on Sunday.