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T.J. Ward on the second half: 'As long as we hold them scoreless, we win the game'

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Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro from The Afternoon Drive interviewed T.J. Ward in the locker room after the Denver Broncos 27-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday. It was interesting to hear how Ward views how this defensive mentality should operate.

I personally think Ward didn't want to admit that the defense plays of any outside forces other than their own internal drive for greatness, but it was hard to deny that the energy in all phases of the team was quite a bit higher after Peyton Manning entered the game.

On how the season ended

"A lot of our games this year have been very close and, you know, very stressful. But most of the time, we are able to figure out a way to win it and it was another one of those today."

On how the defense felt about all of the turnovers

"It was more like, 'if we have to do it again, we have to do it again', so that's kind of been our mindset all year. Not kind of, it has been our mindset. Whatever is going on on the other side of the ball or special teams, you know, we got a job to do defensively. As long as we hold them scoreless, we win the game."

On how Shiloh Keo played

"I'm really happy for Shiloh, I know he had some rough times over the last couple of weeks being the new guy coming in and giving up some plays, but he made a crucial interception."

On if Peyton Manning's return provided a spark to the defense

"I don't think so. We were already pretty focused on shutting them out for the rest of the game. We knew that was what we needed to do, but it definitely gave the stadium a lot of energy and I'm sure it rubbed off on the offense."

On if he cares who is playing quarterback


On if it matters who the Broncos play in two weeks

"No it doesn't."

Bonus Listen

Eric and Less discuss how the Broncos should operate the no huddle through the playoffs and also delve into the big decisions John Elway has to make during the offseason with the long list of free agents he will need to deal with.