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Broncos offensive stock watch

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Who's up? Who's Down? Read on to find out...

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I was surprised to find that the Denver Broncos had the second fewest players on IR during the final week of the regular season with seven. Only the Cincinnati Bengals had fewer with six. While we have been relatively lucky in terms of not losing many players to season-ending injuries, we have been hurt at two key positions by injuries (season-ending and otherwise) - offensive tackle and safety.

We played most of the season with our 3rd or 4th string OT starting. We signed two players at safety to play for us off of the "street" - Josh Bush (although he was on the team earlier in the year) and Shiloh Keo. So on the offensive side here are the graphs of player snap % by position group for the entire season. I have not included the players who never got more than 5% of the offensive snaps. I have also left Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning off of the graphs since that dead horse is getting beaten to death in other posts already.

Offensive Line

Whatever else you might think about Matt Paradis, to play every offensive snap during the regular season for a winning team you have to be at least competent. Paradis has been playing really well lately. We should also note that Max Garcia went from zero offensive snaps in two games at the beginning of the season to taking 100% of the offensive snaps in four of our last five games.

Regarding Tyler Polumbus, he has played 40% or more of the offensive snaps in three games this season. In those three games we have averaged 141 rushing yards per game. For the season we averaged 107 rushing yards per game.

Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas is the iron man of the WR group. He played 75% or more of the offensive snaps in every regular season game. It would appear from the graph the Jordan Norwood has either figured something out, or that the coaching staff has seen something from him lately that warrants playing time. He went from game-day inactive for many of the games during the middle of the season to taking 80% of the offensive snaps against the Bengals.

It would appear that Andre Caldwell has fallen out of favor along with Cody Latimer. Both guys' playing time peaked during the middle of the season and has been dwindling ever since.

Running Backs and Tight Ends

Owen Daniels, despite being the eldest member of the group, took the most offensive snaps in this group. Juwan Thompson really only got offensive snaps when CJ Anderson was hurt. Vernon Davis dropped too many critical passes to continue playing much and was nearly benched in the final two games of the regular season after taking nearly 80% of the offensive snaps in games 11 and 13.

Virgil Green must be our situational guy who plays if the matchup is right against the opponent. His playing time on offense bounces around more than the Chinese stock market. CJ Anderson was getting the Lion's share of the RB snaps early in the season, but in the second half he and Ronnie Hillman have split them almost right down the middle.