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Broncos Buccaneers predictions: A two touchdown margin of victory for Denver

Mile High Report staff give their score predictions along with Brandon Perna from That’s Good Broncos. Warning: Video contains foul language.

Each week, our staff gives their score predictions for the Denver Broncos (3-0) game and this week they travel to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2). Naturally, we all think the Broncos win this game.

Our consensus score prediction is Broncos 31, Buccaneers 17. The reigning Super Bowl champions should be two touchdowns better than a non-playoff team, but you never know in the NFL how things will shake loose on game day.

Broncos 27, Buccaneers 13

Finally, the Broncos aren't facing a team who is a perennial threat to win their respective division. That being said, Tampa Bay has a lot of raw talent and are poised to be that kind of team in the near future. They aren't there yet and sadly their offensive strength (passing) plays into the strength of our defense. I like Denver building on what they've already done this year and winning comfortably in Tampa Bay this week. - Sadaraine

Broncos 24, Buccaneers 13

While I'd love to see us dominate in all three phases against the Yucaneers, I have this sneaking suspicion that we are going to have a small let-down this game. The Broncos will win, but it will be another close game until the end when our defense will come up with another critical play late in the game. The final won't look that close, but Bronco Country will be nervous for most of the game. - Joe Mahoney

Broncos 31, Buccaneers 13

This is a bit of a trap game. The hardest part of the schedule has passed, so there could be a hint of overconfidence in the air. Add to that the big time performance of the offense and it could become an equation for an upset. Any given Sunday and all. However, the defense wants to show the league how dominant they can be, and the offense will look to run all over the Bucs. Winning the Super Bowl has become the catalyst to the Broncos wanting to prove how great they are. The game won't be a huge blowout but look for the Broncos to win comfortably. - Adam Malnati

Broncos 24, Buccaneers 20

"There are 16 traps in the NFL. If you don’t play well, you get trapped," Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said this Wednesday referring to the game this Sunday in Tampa.

Given the level that the 63 members of the Denver Broncos roster have seemingly bought into Kubiak's program, I cannot imagine that there is a single member of this team, 'looking ahead' to next week's game against the Atlanta Falcons. There are currently 15 teams in the NFL with winning records, Denver's next five opponents currently have a combined record of 6 wins and 9 loses. Are we going to have to repeat this trap game mantra every week or can we have a bit of foresight and say that Denver has won every game that they were supposed to thus far and probably will for the rest of the season?

Here is a list (in order) of the last 8 quarterbacks that the Broncos defense has faced: AJ McCarron, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Cam Newton (twice), Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton. Jameis Winston will do his best to place his name among most of those men, but he will fail in the exact same way that they did. - Ian Henson

Broncos 20, Buccaneers 16

Trevor Siemian posted an unbelievable QBR last week against a strong Bengals defense, so it is easy to think the Broncos will have a comfortable win against the Bucs. However, we must not forget the Bucs have been building up their defense, and Siemian almost was picked off 4 times last week. Let's hope he corrects those mistakes this week. I'm not so worried about the Broncos' defense against Jameis Winston. - Kelly Fleming

Broncos 34, Buccaneers 17

Since the start of organized team activities, the Broncos have been incessant that they are better than they were a season ago. The national, and even some in the local media, balked at this bravado. Something something, "Super Bowl hangover." Something something, "They’ll be lucky to win nine games." Yet here Denver is 3-0 and better than it was a season ago. I get the trap game talk, but not this week. The Broncos are confident and know how good they are. Look for C.J. Anderson and Denver’s running game to pave the way against the Bucs. This game isn’t close on paper and won’t be on Sunday. - Ian St. Clair

Broncos 24, Buccaneers 16

I think being on the road in Florida removes the potential of an extra touchdown in this game. Trevor Siemian should being able to have tremendous success against this secondary, but a young quarterback often regresses after a big game. Still, I don’t see how the Bucs can score more than 20 in against this defense, so the Broncos still win by a comfortable margin. - Tim Lynch

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