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Broncos Country needs to take a breath

Broncos fans are spoiled. It is the truth. Every fan out there that loves Denver has been given so much in the way of winning that a loss can create serious anarchy. 

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After starting 4-0, the first loss of the season has unleashed the fury of Broncos Country in a way that is difficult to understand. Admittedly, this feeling is something Denver fans have not experienced since December 20th, 2015. Almost an entire year without having to discuss a loss. No wonder we are spoiled. After that loss the Broncos did exactly what they set out to do every year.

Super Bowl or bust should always be the mantra of this team, but perfection or bust should not. Let’s remember, only one team in NFL history has accomplished the feat of a true undefeated season. Slow your roll on the tossing of coaches and players under the proverbial bus.

Of course success is based on wins and losses, and the Broncos were obviously unsuccessful against the Falcons. But it wasn’t just a defeat of the defense, or beat down of the offensive line. This was failure in all phases. The rookie played poorly. The offensive line couldn’t block. The defensive line had zero push. The No Fly Zone did not live up to the moniker. The play calling was not good. The end is nigh!

Now, can we all take a breath? Is this the end of the season? Not by a long shot. The Broncos lost a non-division, non-conference game, to a team that is also 4-1 after today. The Broncos are still atop the AFC West (along with the Raiders), with no divisional losses. The road to the AFC West division title still goes through Denver.

And, Thursday will be here soon enough. The Broncos will have a chance to right the ship against a San Diego team that can’t get out of it’s own way. Broncos Country will certainly be looking to rub that ointment all over. It will be nice to have the quick turnaround. The bad taste of this loss will dissipate quickly, and as long as the Broncos can come away with a win, all will be right again.