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MHR Live: Falcons at Broncos, the wrap-up

Life's a trip, so sometimes you might stumble. Fortunately for the Denver Broncos, it's not about how hard you get knocked down, it's about how many time you can get up and the San Diego Chargers will be in town to play Denver in just over 72 hours.

Head coach Gary Kubiak has been diagnosed with a complex migraine after spending Sunday night in a Denver hospital. John Elway has named Broncos special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis interim head coach. We'll have more for you here.

DeCamillis was immediately asked who the starting quarterback would be for the team and gave a great reply. We'll have a more educated guess for you.

It has been 294 days since the last time the Denver Broncos lost, we reset the clock to 0 last evening. What is to blame, what do the Broncos have to do to get back to domination? And can they do it in the next 72 hours before their game Thursday against the San Diego Chargers?

Join host Ian Henson live as we take all of your questions and do our best to give you all of the answers.