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Was the Denver Broncos defense exposed against the Atlanta Falcons?

In typical fan fashion, the time to panic is after a loss. Everybody does it. Warts are easy to find after your team drops a game. 

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of The Afternoon Drive took the time to talk to former CU great Mike Pritchard about the loss to the Atlanta Falcons. He had some interesting takes on the outcome of the game. Everything from the difference that Trevor Siemian could have made to the Falcons fast start played a big part in the game’s result.

There is no question that the offensive line was a weak link in the game, but Atlanta started out fast, taking an early lead. That changes the dynamic of what Denver likes to do at home. Playing from behind is never easy. Without a running attack, and no pass blocking, John Elway in his prime would have struggled. Now put a rookie getting his first start back there, and you already know what is going to happen.

The big question on everyone’s mind has been, did Atlanta expose Denver’s defense? It certainly looked like the Denver Broncos struggled with running backs out of the backfield. But maybe Tevin Coleman is really just that good. The rest of the league has been finding that out the hard way as well.

The Falcons offense is likely the most talented offense in the league. They came into the game averaging 38 points per game. The Broncos held the best offense in the league to just 23 points. So, while there were definitely issues with the defense, maybe now is the wrong time to rush to any judgements.

The Falcons defense was allowing an average of 31 points per game heading into Mile High Stadium. If anything, Atlanta was able to expose the Broncos offense. This has nothing to do with the quarterback, and everything to do with the offensive line. If there is one area that Denver has to figure out, it is the play up front.

Both sides of the ball struggled against the Falcons. All phases of the game were not good enough. While the only stat that matters is the number one in the loss column, it is far from time to blow up the season.

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