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Video Recap: That's Good Broncos breaks down how Denver lost to the Falcons

Warning: This video will likely contain language not suitable for all views. This is especially true after a Broncos loss.

Brandon Perna of That's Good Broncos gives his recap of the Denver Broncos terrible 23-16 home loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Put down the whisky and cocaine and raise your #FYTB glass for some good old fashioned video recap.

Perna uncovered the scoop that Trevor Siemian sabotaged Paxton Lynch with dinosaur and anime drawings. The was more interesting than the continuous highlight reels of Falcons gashing the Broncos defense, which wasn't very fun to relive.

After supporting the arts, Perna finally showed some offensive highlights before focusing on some defensive highlights. Von Miller sacking quarterbacks is always a way to divert our attention from a craptastic game.

What was your favorite play of this game?