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Former Broncos head coach Dan Reeves gives Joe DeCamillis tips about taking the reins

Be yourself, watch your language, don’t pull any fakes. But mostly, be yourself.

NFL: AFC Divisional-Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Reeves, former Broncos head coach and father-in-law to the man tapped as interim head this week in Gary Kubiak’s absence, joked with the guys at The Afternoon Drive that we might see a bunch of fakes now that special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis is in charge.

"Joe always has a bunch of fakes he wants to pull. ‘Coach we could fake the field goal here; we can fake a punt here,’" Reeves said, laughing, adding that he reminded his son-in-law he has to think like a head coach this week.

"So you better watch out for the fakes if he’s got the final say," Reeves warned. "If somebody doesn’t overrule him, you might be seeing a lot of special teams plays that are not normal."

Reeves - who played in two Super Bowls, served as assistant coach three Super Bowls, and was head coach for four - said that actually the best "unsolicited advice" he could give DeCamillis this week was to be himself. That was the same advice Tom Landry gave Reeves when he became the head coach in Denver in 1981.

"People will question anything. You can’t be like Tom Landry or Gary Kubiak," Reeves reminded DeCamillis. "That’s the best advice I could give him because it certainly helped me."

DeCamillis told the media today that was his goal.

"I’m going to try to continue that as much as I can," he said, adding that he won’t dress any different as the interim head coach but he may make some other improvements.

Reeves believes whatever football decisions DeCamillis makes on Thursday night, Kubiak’s influence will be present.

"Gary has had a lot to do with what Joe’s thinking is," Reeves said, adding that he encouraged DeCamillis to reach out to Kubiak if it’s possible and see if there’s anything the head coach wants him to do. "He’s got a great coaching staff. They’ve been together a long time and have a great deal of respect for each other. It was a good move on John Elway’s part to name Joe because now your defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator can do their job just like normal."

In fact, the main thing DeCamillis has asked Reeves’ help with is how to deal with the media.

"I just told him, just realize they’ve got a job to do," Reeves said. "Help them do their job, and if you do, they’ll help you do yours."

At the end of the interview Les Shapiro referenced a comment from Elway last year in training camp when he mentioned trying to get a good running game established again to help protect Peyton Manning.

"Were you thinking, ‘John, you son of a gun! You finally agree with me!" Shapiro asked.

But Reeves didn’t bite.

"You know I think John realized back when he was quarterback that a running game was one of his best weapons and best friends as a QB," Reeves said. "I don’t think that was ever a problem. But when you have somebody who is a John Elway - as he grew into - certainly you can open it up."