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Chiefs Win, Chargers Embarass Denver, Week 6 Wrap up on the AFC West

The AFC West is a division with some fire power and come December, could be a blood bath of last man standing.

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For many in Broncos Country, a Raider loss was a good thing; however, if we must have a division win for a play off ranking/home field advantage, beating the Raiders twice, is easier than beating the Chiefs, twice. Arrowhead Stadium is among the loudest places in the NFL, it's not an easy feat to win there. Especially for a new QB. Which is why a Chiefs’ loss could have been more beneficial for Denver in the long run. Peyton Freakin’ Manning was a master at the silent snap count, neither of our young guys have any experience doing this.

Denver’s was a disappointing and painful loss as it put us in last place in Division wins. This bitter pill will last for the next 17 days, at least. It should be all the motivation Denver needs. Facing a team with a QB who didn't leave on the best of terms, is extra fire, as is having their Head Coach back in full health, something they've been without for almost three weeks.

One thing is for certain, the AFC West is a division with some fire power and come December, could be a blood bath of last man standing.

Rank Team W L PCT PF PA
1 Raiders 4 2 0.667 152 163
2 Broncos 4 2 0.667 140 108
3 Chiefs 3 2 0.600 109 102
4 Chargers 2 4 0.333 173 155

Broncos @ Chargers 13-21

Rivers had 178 yards and 1 TD. Siemian 230, 1 TD, 1 INT. Unfortunately, those yards and the TD didn't happen until the 4thQ when SD had changed their defense to a prevent one. What told the story was the amount of time SD used in the first quarter in one drive (7 min). Our defense couldn't stop them and our offense couldn't move.

72 rushing yards for Denver compared to SD’s 99. 109 yards of penalties, almost entirely on our offense, tells another tale of woe. Siemian had 39 passing yards in the 1st half.

All told, this was a loss on every level. QB, OL (penalties, more than play), Run, Defense, tunrovers and coaching. ST did their best to overcome daunting odds.

Injuries for Denver: Concussion, Cody Latimer. Hip, Emmanuel Sanders

Chiefs @ Raiders 10-26

Spencer Ware is a name the Raiders had nightmares about. 131 rushing yards. Alex Smith was methodical and efficient for 224 yards. Derek Carr had 225, a TD, a INT, but these numbers don't show how he struggled against KC’s defense. 56 rushing yards for Oakland and a late Carr fumble doomed any chance for them to come back. Chiefs split of 11 passing and 11 rushing 1st downs are worth noting.

Turnovers and failing to stop the run were Oakland’s downfall. These two teams combined for a total of 35 penalty yards. Denver’s 109 is alarming, but when compared to a game of two division rivals, it's down right scary.

Neither team reported any injuries.


Next up, the Raiders face the Jaguars in Jacksonville.

New Orleans Saints travel to Kansas City.

San Diego takes on the Falcons in Atlanta.

Texans face the Broncos on Monday Night Football.

Predictions: Unless Jags can follow the KC blueprint (please), Raiders go to 5-2.

KC beats NO 4-2.

Chargers lose in an offensive match-up 2-5.

Denver goes to 5-2.