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Broncos at Buccaneers: A two score lead opens up after second quarter

The Denver Broncos take a 17-7 lead over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into halftime.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The second quarter did not start the way the Denver Broncos had hoped as Trevor Siemian would be sacked on second down and nearly sacked again on third down only to throw the ball away.

On the ensuing punt, the Buccaneers got a solid return to setup themselves up with great field possession. After a stuffed run, Aqib Talib got his second interception of the game and returned it down inside the thirty yard line.

From their own 32, after a false start penalty, Siemian hit Thomas for a first down inside the red zone. A pass interference on Jordan Taylor set the Broncos up at the one yard line where C.J. Anderson burrowed his way in for the score two plays later.

Broncos 14, Buccaneers 7.

Sylvester Williams showed up on the next drive with a solid run stuff, but a pass interference penalty on Will Parks set the Bucs up near midfield.

After stuffing the first run play, Sims gained seven yards on his next rush to setup a manageable third down for Tampa Bay. Another false start made it a less manageable third down attempt. A first down run was wiped out by a hold, which turned it into a third and fifteen for the Bucs that would be stopped by the Broncos defense.

The Broncos offense were not up to the task on their next drive, starting with a Siemian sack and a short three yard run by Anderson. On third and seventeen, Siemian gives the ball to Anderson on draw who gained twelve of those yards back. Three and out for the Broncos.

Another big punt return from the Buccaneers set them up at midfield.

After another stuffed run, Shane Ray was juked out of his jockstrap and took a cheapish shot on Winston who unloaded on the deep ball that was broken up by Talib and T.J. Ward.

On third and nine, the Buccaneers converted again for a thirteen yard gain. The third down struggles continued for the Broncos defense.

An incomplete pass on first down and a five yard run, setup yet another third down for the Broncos defense. A fantastic pass defense of Will Parks was wiped out by an offsides by Von Miller to setup a third and a short one.

Miller made up for it with a huge run stuff, and a strip from the running back by Ward that would be recovered by Winn for the Broncos.

Siemian would be dropped for the third time of the half after being body slammed by the Bucs defensive lineman. Sadly, the Broncos had two guys open on the play for a deep ball, but the protection faltered badly on the play.

A quick run play brought the game to the two-minute warning.

Siemian would need to be carted off the field with what could be a serious shoulder injury.

Paxton Lynch enters the game and promptly throws an incompletion 20+ yards down the field. Broncos punt to end that drive.

With no timeouts, the Bucs tried hard for the two minute drive and failed.

Instead of taking the ball into halftime with a safe lead, Gary Kubiak went for some points. After a quick completion, Lynch hit Sanders for a sixteen yard gain to get the Broncos into Buccaneers territory.

After scrambling back to the line of scrimmage, Lynch was flushed out and had to throw the ball away. On third and ten, Lynch hit Sanders down the seam for another big first down on the 18 yard completion.

Lynch would misfire on a throw down the seam to Bennie Fowler for an incompletion. The pass was perfect, but Fowler dropped it. On second down, Sanders would catch the ball right at the twenty yard line for another first down.

With 14 seconds left, a nice pass into the end zone didn’t get there early enough and was nearly intercepted. Brandon McManus would bang it through to put the Broncos up two scores going into halftime.

Broncos 17, Buccaneers 7.