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Video Recap: The Denver Broncos dismantle the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Warning: Brandon Perna swears a lot. Not so much in this one, though. Go Broncos!

The always impeccably dressed Brandon Perna of That's Good Broncos talked about the Denver Broncos 27-7 dismantling of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. So much for that "trap game"...

Aqib Talib was an animal in the first half, but with the Broncos offensive line being so atrocious the game was fairly close when Trevor Siemian went down with an injury. Then Paxton Lynch went nuts in the second half with scoring drive after scoring drive.

After Perna's angry tirade over rain delays and his strange fantasy about naked men showing on the football field in front of 65,000 fans, he talked about the quarterback situation. He hopes for calm. Yes Lynch is the more talented quarterback, but right now Siemian is the more cerebral quarterback. Patience.

The Broncos are 4-0, baby! And we're not square here people, we're Mile MF High Report!